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Thread: Virginia Dems Pass Several RADICAL Bills You Have To See To Believe (VIDEO)

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    Virginia Dems Pass Several RADICAL Bills You Have To See To Believe (VIDEO)

    Virginia Dems Pass Several RADICAL Bills You Have To See To Believe (VIDEO)

    by The Scoop February 17, 2020

    Virginia is quickly becoming the new California.

    Both chambers of the Virginia legislature passed radical anti-American bills to allow illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license without proof of citizenship.

    If Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, aka Governor Blackface, signs the bill, Virginia will become the 15th state to allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

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    Virginia lawmakers to give driver's licenses to illegals: It is their right in this country

    February 2, 2020

    Pat Droney


    Last week, we told you about a push in Massachusetts to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses. This week, Virginia joins the parade of states rewarding illegal behavior.
    Last Tuesday, several hundred people jammed the fourth floor of the Virginia General Assembly to lobby legislators inside the subcommittee halls regarding HB1211. Apparently, the legislators in the state have taken time off from gutting the Second Amendment to consider giving illegal immigrants the opportunity to get a driver’s license.

    They were even bussed in, one such bus coming from Norfolk to Richmond, where people including citizens, immigrants and illegal aliens filled the bus. Before getting on the bus they shouted, “Licenses si, promesas no” Or more clearly in the official language of the United States, “Licenses yes, promises no.”

    Many of them were from Mexico and Central America. Some said why they believe they deserved to get licenses.

    Ovando Colato is 16 years old and says she understands why her fellow aliens are seeking the change in the law.

    “So, we can drive safe and so people won’t get deported back to where they’re from.”

    Okay, so Ovando is a bit confused. We are not sure what in the law granting ’s licenses gives illegal aliens immunity from being sent back where they came from.
    Thursday, legislators heard Senate Bill 643. This bill closely mirrors the House version. Currently, 13 states and the District of Columbia grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.
    The current Virginia law only allows U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents and people with eligible immigration visas to get their licenses.

    Sen. Jennifer Boysko is one of the sponsors of the bill. She said that she has been trying to get the bill passed for the last five years and says this is the closest they have gotten to getting the bill passed—because you know, Democrats.

    “We estimate that there are, even within the undocumented community, close to 300,000 people who would want to take advantage of this,” Boysko said.
    Chris Serrano grew up in the Latino community in Norfolk and said he believes this change in the law is needed.

    “Because there’s always a fear of getting pulled over not having papers and it’s always a scary feeling…you never know that could be the day you go back to your country,” he said.
    So apparently, having a driver’s license even as an illegal alien is somehow a get (stay) out of jail free card?

    Boysko said that even though citizenship is not a requirement of getting a license, there are still eligibility requirements that people would need in order to qualify to get a license.
    “The skills test as well as the written test. You would pay the fee, you need to get insurance and it would provide a non-real ID credential rightful drivers license,” said Boysko.
    Boysko said that a decision by the two houses of the legislature is expected within two weeks.

    The Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights pushed for this bill. They are also pushing for a bill to grant illegal immigrant students eligible for in-state tuition. Both issues have died in previous years.
    The coalition claims that providing licenses to illegals will make roads safer because drivers will be educated, trained and tested. According to a study conducted by the Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, three states that adopted such measures the earliest experienced a 30% drop in traffic fatalities compared to a 20% drop nationwide. The Institute studies issues affecting low-income residents.

    Now here is what gets the interest of Democrats because, well…money. The coalition said that the bill would increase state revenue through vehicle registration, license plate fees and title fees. They estimate that allowing illegals to drive would contribute between $11 million to $18 million in car registration fees, title fees and license plate fees.

    “One of our main priorities this year is driver’s licenses for all,” said Margie Del Castillo, of the Latina Institute for Reproductive Health in Virginia. “People cannot access anything without a driver’s license, they can’t go access the care that they need at the doctor, they can’t take their kids to school. All of that becomes impossible without having an actual license.”
    As far as in-state tuition, that bill was also introduced by Boysko, along with Sen. Ghazala Hashmi, D-Richmond. The bill would allow in-state tuition for illegal students who reside in Virginia. SB 935says that the students must graduate from a public or private high school or home school program in Virginia and attend that school for at least a year.

    Currently, only students who fell under DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, are eligible for in-state tuition. The coalition says that these illegal students are not asking for special treatment, only what others receive.

    Jorge Figueredo is the executive director of Edu-Futoro, a Northern Virginia based non-profit. He says:

    “In Northern Virginia Community College, the tuition for somebody who is out of state is two times more than it would be for somebody who is in state and at George Mason University, it’s three times more.” Well, guess they better hope that one of the Democrats get elected because then it’s gonna be “free college for all!” Just like Oprah…” you get a degree, you get a degree, you get a degree!”

    While bills like these have failed in the past, the Democrats are the new sheriff in town. They’ve shown that they have no problem going after law abiding citizens with gun control, so it’s pretty certain they’ll have no problem giving the farm away to non-law-abiding aliens.

    Virginia isn’t the only state trying this. And the president has these states in his sights.

    With New Jersey becoming the 14th state to pass legislation allowing illegal aliens to obtain US government-issued driver’s licenses, the Department of Homeland Security is expressing concern for the safety of our homeland.

    The acting secretary of DHS, Chad Wolf, ordered a review of state laws that allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. Wolf released statements saying:

    “Accordingly, I am instructing each operational component to conduct an assessment of the impact of these laws, so that the Department is prepared to deal with and counter these impacts as we protect the homeland.”

    Wolf ordered a department-wide review of the state laws to determine how they affect their “day-to-day operations” to agencies including the Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration.

    President Trump to crack down on states allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses

    A bigger concern than the actual licenses is that most states, like New York’s Green Light Bill, which was implemented at the end of December, also restrict DMV data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other agencies within the DHS.

    DHS spokesperson, Heather Swift, said last week:

    “The Trump administration takes the mission of protecting the Homeland very seriously.”

    She continued:

    “Laws like New York’s greenlight law have dangerous consequences that have far reaches beyond the DMV.

    These types of laws make it easier for terrorists and criminals to obtain fraudulent documents and also prevent DHS investigators from accessing important records that help take down child pornography and human trafficking rings and combat everything from terrorism to drug smuggling.”

    Further, Swift stated:

    “Never before in our history have we seen politicians make such rash and dangerous decisions to end all communication and cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security law enforcement.

    The Secretary is prepared to take every measure necessary to ensure the safety and security of the homeland and we look forward to the recommendations of our agents and officers in the field.”

    Wolf’s instructions are for states to ascertain the following: What DMV information is currently available and how is it accessed? How is the DMV information used in day-to-day operations? What are the security consequences and long-term impacts if information is limited?

    Agencies are also told to find solutions for any security consequences that arise from the state laws.

    When New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed their version of the Green Light bill into law last year, he said:

    “Expanding access to driver’s licenses is critical for the safety of New Jerseyans and a step toward building a stronger and fairer New Jersey for all.

    He tried to make the argument that it’s a good thing.

    “Allowing residents the opportunity to obtain driver’s licenses regardless of their immigration status will decrease the number of uninsured drivers and increase safety on our roads. I thank my partners in the Legislature for sending this important bill to my desk.”

    Governor Murphy said that their roads will be safer because the illegal immigrants have to pass a driving test.

    The NJ law also requires the Chief Administrator of Motor Vehicle Commission to spend taxpayer funds on a two-year “public awareness” campaign. He wants to assure that illegal aliens are informed of their ability to obtain driver’s licenses.

    Back to New York, officials there who supported the Green Light bill have stated that doing so will give illegals better opportunities for employment.

    How sweet of them: Why allow LEGAL citizens to get the jobs when people who shouldn’t even be here can take them?

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