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    Waddoups says Legislature willing to repeal and replace HB11

    Waddoups says Legislature willing to repeal and replace HB116

    Ronald Mortensen
    Salt Lake City Immigration Examiner
    November 12, 2011

    Speaking at an event commemorating the signing of the Utah Compact, the President of the Utah State Senate, Michael Waddoups, said that it his sense that the legislature is willing to repeal and replace HB116 in accordance with a resolution passed by the Utah State Republican Convention.

    The resolution "Urges all Utah State Republican Legislators and the Governor to repeal HB116; and ensure that any immigration legislation is fully constitutional and adheres to the principles of the Republican Party Platform."

    Specifically Waddoups said:

    [i] ….the Republican Party.…asked us to repeal one of those bills and passed resolutions that were sent to the legislature asking us to do that.

    As recently as two days ago I had people in my office asking, “Are you willing to do what constituents have asked you to do and repeal House bill 116?
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