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Thread: 'We Need Help, Mr. President': CA Mayor Blasts Sanctuary Law at Roundtable With Trump

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    'We Need Help, Mr. President': CA Mayor Blasts Sanctuary Law at Roundtable With Trump

    'We Need Help, Mr. President': CA Mayor Blasts Sanctuary Law at Roundtable With Trump

    May 16, 2018
    3:49 pm

    The mayor of a California city opposing the state's heavily debated sanctuary law blasted the state's government for its stance on illegal immigration.

    A number of California lawmakers opposed to the policy met with President Trump on Wednesday to discuss the law and illegal immigration.

    "Sacramento is angry because they lost an election," San Jacinto Mayor Crystal Ruiz said. "For God's sake, get over it."

    Multiple cities and counties in the state have opposed Senate Bill 54, which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) in October 2017.
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    A bit more to the article as follows:

    "Our people are the ones hurting," Ruiz stated.

    She also said the state government is releasing the criminal illegal immigrants who could be a safety risk.

    "My community is my family. You're putting my family at risk," she said.

    Ruiz implored the president to help not just her city and other states opposing sanctuary law, but the entire state of California.

    "All of us need help getting this solved," she said.
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    These countries DUMPING their people across our border scream "racism", and countries who TAKE NO ONE point their fingers at USA to take in the worlds breeding poor and foot the bill for it. diversified is Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Africa, Japan, Philippines, Japan, China, South Korea, Venezuela, Russia, Norway, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, Fiji, the ENTIRE Middle East...the list is LONG?

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    As many of you know I belong to the grassroots movements to save California. We have organized through social media accounts. We knew with California's "jungle primary" that we would have to get behind one candidate or risk losing by splitting the vote. Democrats and others also know this and have tried to use this to control our votes. Our movement is full of novice activists, but full of people willing to research every lie and trick thrown at us. Every candidates actions past and present has been put under the microscope.

    We know that Soros and big money is being used to put fake news out there on the republican race for governor. They are busy trying to convince us to vote for their choice or split the vote so that we only have a choice between two democrats for governor. They do not realize that we are following every action or move of the top two republican candidates. We have researched and fact checked every action and comment.

    Yesterday after checking my social media it looks like all the lies and pressure being placed on us to vote for John Cox has failed. As members of this movement filled out their ballots to mail, they were posting pictures of their filled out ballots on line. I was not surprised that they were all for Travis Allen, but I was surprised at how many started their post with "I am a registered Democrat but I am voting for Travis Allen".

    The news media has largely ignored Travis Allen as they have pushed John Cox as the leader. The problem is John Cox has came into this race using Chicago Politics. He right off the start attacked Travis Allen with lies. He did not understand that way before the campaign Travis Allen did not only support people in his district, but made himself available to any Californian that was upset with what was happening in Sacramento. He responded to any question and sent out alerts anytime they were trying to push something through in the capitol. He let us know, time and date, when to be at the Capitol to speak out against the Sanctuary Law.

    If we asked John Cox a question on his Facebook site that he did not want to answer he blocked you. If you asked him a question at a event he would make some excuse and slip out the back door.

    While John Cox has been going on Fox or OAN, Travis Allen has been hitting every town small and large up and down the entire state of California. He has tapped into his understanding of true everyday Californians and their concerns. This is something that has been missing for a long time in California. Our present governor and our state government has largely lost touch with the everyday Californian. Every time Jerry Brown or Xavier Becerra claim to be speaking for Californians they anger most Californians.

    Many Californians believe this is the last chance to save California and plan to leave if the state stays blue. I am afraid either way we are in for a rocky ride.
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