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    WEAPONS OF MISDIRECTION: The FTAA & the Demise of the Am

    WEAPONS OF MISDIRECTION: The FTAA & the Demise of the American Middle Class

    By David Hodges

    Many illegal aliens who flee to theUnited Statesare merely seeking to escape a bleak and hopeless existence where extreme poverty and personal victimization are perpetrated by narco-terrorist crime syndicates which run their respective governments. It is easy to empathize with their motivation for wanting to better their collective fates through illegal entry into theUnited States. However, far too many illegal aliens come toAmericain order to violate our nation’s most fundamental principles of rule by law and they do so with the unwilling and often unwitting aid and comfort of the American taxpayer. It must be stopped now!

    Led by Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado), a collective chorus of millions of Americans voices is crying out for the government to finally enforce our immigration laws. Our failure to enforce our own immigration laws has led to the systematic erosion of our tax base in the name of supporting social benefits for illegal aliens (e. g., health care) as well as experiencing an exponential jump in lawlessness and various social ills which can largely be attributed to leaving our borders unprotected. Further, we are witnessing the erosion of our culture and language as well as the destruction of the American middle class wage structure. A chronically porous border has put American citizens at a far greater threat of, once again, becoming the victims of domestic terrorism. The aforementioned social perils are being perpetrated on America in order to reap the profits of cheap labor who will work for about 20%, without benefits, of what our children will work for in today’s economy. Multinational corporations, which profit from the cheap labor of illegal aliens, are investing massive sums money in attempt to prostitute legislators into continuing their inaction toward the present illegal immigration problem. Yet, illegal immigration is only the first part of a two-pronged attack on the United State in the name of increasing the bottom line for the multinational corporations.

    The second prong of this attack on the United States has been cleverly orchestrated with stealth and misdirection through a series of trade agreements which have passed Congress in the past decade. The FTAA is the latest in this series of proposed trade agreements which follows NAFTA and CAFTA. The FTAA will create a single trade zone which will incorporate North, South and Central America. The FTAA advocates sing the praises of unrestricted borders in the name of free trade. Although FTAA supporters attempt to keep American citizens in the dark as to their real plans, FTAA sponsors admit that the FTAA is intended to follow the lead of the European Union (EU) in which there will be no meaningful national borders. Technically, this will constitute a “paper only

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    You've hit the nail right on the head.

    It is a plot to take the US down to third world standards through overpopulation and the export of our industrial-job-creation base upon which the entire US Economy stands and without which will crumble like Rome right before our very weary eyes.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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