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Written by Publisher

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Welcome to Republic Magazine! We are the resource for the modern Patriot movement. As you know, the mainstream media is a pawn in the globalist's game, never reporting on the issues that affect us as free American citizens. Republic Magazine is committed to bringing out the skeletons in the closets of those conspiring to enslave and control every American citizen.

While the easy way would normally be to stand by and profit from the great conspiracy, we cannot! Republic Magazine is a powerful tool in a fight against the New World Order. Each issue is designed to educate, enlighten and empower every reader to take action against those that are determined to strip the very freedoms that our forefathers gave their lives for. Please join us in waking up America and exposing the real terrorists that have infiltrated the very fabric of our government and our daily lives. Get your copy of Republic Magazine and continue the fight for freedom and the pursuit of happiness started more than 200 years ago!

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