Glenn, thanks for post.

Glenn, I learn a lot by reading your posts. You are right in many things that you say. But your country is not falling off the cliff. And I don't believe in the Decadence of America.

Assuming that ALIPAC members are right in complaining about the downfall of America, then I say that this does not play as a good event for us Citizens of Colombia. A weak America would be a sad event for us and almost a nightmare.

Fortunately I don't fear the downfall of the USA. I like to see it inventive and healthy. You have been the most inventive nation in Internet, New Computer Languages, Artificial Intelligence and so on.

Glenn, You are still a nation of kind people. I like Americans. I am so happy that I can talk to them and relate to the US Citizens

I can understand a lot the Anti Hispanism and Anti Immigrant Feeling. I think that this is very different from the Supremacism or Racism from the Old South and should not be confused.

Americans have done wonderful progress in race relations, specially with the Black Race. And perhaps Hispanics can be helped to be better integrated if more wise laws are produced or enforced. Or if the standing laws are enforced

No Hispanic has been killed on this year 2005 because of Hate. Am I right ???

The Colombians that never existed. A LIGTH POST to laugh !!

Please, don't take this too seriously. This is to laugh and to relax.

I just happen to be very fond of American Mafia Movies and Detective Series.

Time has taught me to be patient and tolerant. I can understand people that react with hate or fury when the word "Colombian" is mentioned.

These Americans may end up being some of my best virtual friends one day.

By watching Hollywood Movies with the Wonderful Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, etc ... I can also understand the HORRIBLE FEAR that Americans feel about us Colombians. Totally Unjustified because we never existed as presented in Hollywood.

I also love to watch "Special Victims Unit" in the Universal Channel. The Colombians are presented as 100 times more deadly than the Italian Mafia and constantly shoot the American District Attorneys and the American Detectives. That never happened in History. Never Never !!!

Those movies put Colombians to speak better English than possible, they are super intelligent and smart for evil and wickedness, and they have a pattern of showy and flashy consumption with beautiful sexy anglo saxon blondes, blue eyed beauties in Las Vegas. LAUGHABLE AND ABSURD !!

All that stereotype contradicts the Real Mafioso of Colombia that was more quiet, spoke less English, never went to Las Vegas or to public places in the USA, etc ... and hardly related to Americans except for money transactions. The less that the mafioso related to Americans, the better.

The Pablo Escobedo that talks with Harrison Ford never existed, Pablo Escobar was more vulgar, less refined, less cultured, less intelligent and always running and hiding.

The Colombians of the Aussie Crocodrile Dundee are Handsome, Refined, Intelligent, Sexy, Well Dressed Dudes. Any American Girl would love such Sexy Studs, but the problem is that those Colombians never existed.

We have never reached those heights of intelligence, refinement, going out with blondes, going to Las Vegas to mix with Anglo Saxon America, etc ..

NO Colombian was ever so powerful and showy as "Scarface" with Robert de Niro. Or was it Al Pacino ???

We are more humble. And today Colombian Mafiosos are super quiet like American Accountants that never speak to a girl because of shyness. And guns are out now !!

Mafioso guns are ALMOST TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY silent in Colombian Big Cities. A Mafioso gun in the USA would be suicide.

Colombian Mafiosos in the USA were always silent, quiet and shy, much more silent than the Italians, Russians, Irish, etc .... That explains some of the successs. I doubt if Colombian Mafiosos still exist in the USA. Probably they are extinct now.

The Colombian Mafioso in the USA always kept a low profile. That is TRUE HISTORY.

And the Drug Business seems to be in decadence, at least for Colombia. But it prospers in the neighbor countries.

And finally, the "Colombian Sceneries" are absolutely ridiculous. A Country that is the Switzerland of South America with the Best Butterflies, Dragonflies, toads, birds, etc .... is presented with three Banana Plants of the poorest and most mediocre studio in Hollywood.

Laughing out loud at the innocence of stereotypes.

It is necessary to save a lot of money while filming.

Vicente Duque