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    Are Your Congressman & Senators on the Take From Mexico

    I got a response to my question to Debbie Schussel and I hope she continues to look into this. It seems a very plausible reason that many Congressmen are turning a blind eye to the American people on this subject. Follow the money!!! Maybe we ought to find a way to take a look into the pro-amnesty Senators in our state. Any suggestions???

    Are Your Congressman & Senators on the Take From Mexico's Amnesty Lobbyists?
    By Debbie Schlussel

    Associated Press reports that Mexico is doing a full court press--"aggressive lobbying"--to try to get Congress to pass immigration amnesty for illegal aliens.

    The country has hired lobbyists and is going the distance in trying to push your Congressman and Senators to support amnesty for illegals.

    Although Congress recently passed laws prohibiting Jack Abramoff-style lunches, trips abroad, and other goodies, there's a giant loophole around it. The New York Times recently reported that Congressmen--like Hezbollah supporter Darrell Issa (R-California) a/k/a "Jihad Darrell" are now having lobbyists pay thousands into their campaign funds and Political Action Committees--for the same Abramoff-style goodies. Issa got lobbyists to pay at least $1,000 a pop to "accompany" him to a "The Who" concert.

    Are Your Congressman & Senators
    Being Paid Off By Mexican Amnesty Lobbyists?
    So, the question is, how much are your Congressman and Senators getting from Mexico's lobbyists? You may want to closely pore over his/her campaign committee and PAC to find out. But it won't be easy because one needs to know who Mexico's lobbyists are in order to find out where they are giving. We will need to find out who is registered as a foreign agent--as required by law--for Mexico.

    It will also be interesting to see which lobbyists Mexico hires for these efforts. Money launderer, pan-Islamist, and all-around BS artist Grover Norquist has repeatedly pushed the open borders crap. Since he's known to always be for sale, don't count this man--who should be behind bars for illegally laundering and obtaining tax deductions for Jack Abramoff's clients (because he's best buddies with Karl Rove he gets protected from federal prosecution)--out of the lobbying for the sell-out of America and its borders.

    Wouldn't be surprised if he's already on the take. He needs to keep his Palestinian Muslim wife-beard--oops, I mean he has a beard and is married to a Palestinian Muslim wife (for whom he secured a cush Bush Admin job)--in Prada.

    And just how much is Mexico willing to spend to throw more of its illegal aliens onto the backs of U.S. taxpayers? We don't know yet. But keep watching those reports. A good source is Open Secrets, which tracks full info on donors to campaigns and PACS and the candidate and PAC recipients.

    More details from the AP story:

    Determined to secure a migration accord, Mexico plans to begin an aggressive lobbying effort similar to its push to join the North American Free Trade Agreement, the country's new ambassador to the United States said Tuesday.
    Mexican consulates in the United States will be on the front lines of the effort, and will talk with state and federal lawmakers, business chambers, civic organizations and "all actors of U.S. society" who support a comprehensive immigration reform, Arturo Sarukhan said.

    "There are few matters so important to the future of this country," Sarukhan told reporters in Mexico City before departing for Washington.

    The ambassador said Mexico has a brief window before campaigning begins in for the 2008 U.S. presidential election to convince Washington to approve immigration reforms.

    "We are going to put into place the same kind of diplomatic and lobbying effort that we did in the early 1990s when NAFTA was being decided," said Sarukhan, who was consul general in New York during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and a campaign adviser to Calderon.

    Mexico wants Washington to usher through reforms to create a guest worker program, provide a legal path for millions of Mexicans living in the United States and allow for the reunification of families split by immigration laws.

    Thanks to reader Carolyn for the tip. She asked:

    Is there anyway to find out what perks our wonderful Congressmen are getting from these Mexican lobbyists?

    Like I said, it won't be easy to find out, but it is possible.

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    Are Your Congressman & Senators on the Take From Mexico's Amnesty Lobbyists?

    Well , when you take into consideration the Abramhoff scandal , I would say more than likely they are . After all if they wanted to help these people they could help them in Mexico , I don't see any reason why they have to become citizens of America to recieve help .

    Why , I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out a lot of these politicians are selling us out to make a nice fat profit . After all its what they do best , And by the way they are very good at it .

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    Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) would be my #1 suspect. That would certainly explain his 100% about face on the criminal alien issue.

    We all know Harry likes the money and has no conscience.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Longcut wrote:

    Why , I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out a lot of these politicians are selling us out to make a nice fat profit . After all its what they do best , And by the way they are very good at it .
    Very true!

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    Are Your Congressman & Senators on the Take From Mexico's Amnesty Lobbyists?
    Probably, aren't most of them!!but they keep getting voted back in office!!
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    He's not my Rep., but local San Diego Dem. Bob Filner is totally bought and owned by Mexico. Here's the proof, in his own words:

    From a Mexican website in 2003:

    U.S. Representative Bob Filner (Democrat, California), an often times mean-spirited politico from San Diego, has ties with the PRD that could allow him to influence anti-American politics in people like Elsa de la Paz Esquivel. And even since the October 7 election Filner has sought to further inflame Mexican passions against Schwarzenegger.

    “The win by Schwarzenegger could bring negative consequences to Mexicans living in California. We know very little about Schwarzenegger, but one thing we do know is that his main political ally is Pete Wilson, the same governor who was clearly against the migrant community and who pushed for proposition 187. The win by Schwarzenegger means that the entity will return to the climate of hostility that existed during the era when Pete Wilson was in power,” Filner said in the Tijuana daily Frontera on October 9.

    This is the same Filner who spoke against U.S.A. private sector energy interests in Baja California before a closed-door gathering of PRD federal deputies, in Mexico City, on July 8, 2002. But he apparently did not realize that minutes were being kept, and one quote from the seven-page transcript is especially fascinating.

    “I have now been in Congress for ten years and we have a reelection in November. As such, I need to return to my district in order to continue with my campaign. Therefore we will try to keep this meeting secret, so that they will not find out about it in my district, Filner said.
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    You can be sure mine is, Congressman Raul Grijalva is Mexico's best friend in Congress.
    Illegal aliens remain exempt from American laws, while they DEMAND American rights...

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