BREAKING: SEAN HANNITY Trashes “Garbage” Congressional Border Deal — Only $1.3 Billion for Border ‘Barrier’ (VIDEO)

February 12, 2019

Jim Hoft

Congressional negotiators announced on Monday night they have a border wall funding agreement they believe President Trump will sign into law.

Negotiators in #Congress say they have reached agreement in principle to fund government, avoiding another partial government shutdown

— FOX26Houston (@FOX26Houston) February 12, 2019

Sean Hannity weighed in on the resolution on Monday before signing off on his show.

Hannity TRASHED the agreement that only allows $1.3 billion for a border “barrier” not even a wall.

Sean Hannity:
By the way on this so called compromise I’m getting details 1.3 billion? That’s not even a wall – barrier! I’m going to say this tonight and by the way we will get back to this tomorrow. Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you’ll have to explain, look at the crowd, look at the country, look at CBS News, even they say 72% of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop. And those that wish us ill.

Via Hannity: