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Thread: California: The Next Third World State.

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    California: The Next Third World State.

    California: The Next Third World State

    The once great state of California has been circling the drain at an increasingly fast rate over the past year.

    From decriminalizing HIV transmission and child prostitution to the addition of a third gender on government forms,
    Commie-fornia is showing no signs of slowing down on it's fast track to becoming a third world hellhole. Jefferson Lee
    tells you why this is significant, and encourages all of this sane people left in California to get out now.

    Oct 19, 2017

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    Jerry Brown is SICK and must be removed from office.

    Someone needs to investigate HIS bank account and the money trail to the cartels and most likely Soros!

    Now blaming the fires on "global warming"....LMAO!

    His bullet train to nowhere...his billions of dollars spent on ILLEGAL aliens...who have NO respect for CA, themselves, or this dimwit!

    The environmentalists stopping clearing the controlled burns.

    His NOT fixing the Dams during drought...then the floods came and broke the Dam!

    Not building more reservoirs for the run off!

    The roads, bridges are in disrepair.

    The taxes are OUTRAGES.

    The homeless is out of control.

    The housing prices are out of control.

    The illegals destroying one neighborhood at a time stuffing 20 illegal in one home and throwing their trash in the streets and alleys.

    High cost of car insurance, property tax, gas tax, sales tax!

    The list is long.
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