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Thread: Ep 529: Trump Could Win on One Simple Issue

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    Ep 529: Trump Could Win on One Simple Issue

    Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review discusses a winning strategy for President Trump -

    Podcast At Link

    The best way for Trump to weather impeachment is by making voters believe his electoral victory is indispensable to their safety and security. The way to accomplish that is by applying national issues and policies to quality-of-life issues in local communities. Make it local and personal. Today, I discuss more trends in both general and illegal alien crime growing in many cities. Finally, I give a brief update on the latest insanity from the courts. Judges are accomplishing more for the Left in a single day than it could accomplish through the political branches during an entire term. Worse, they face no electoral backlash for “passing” their judicial legislation.

    Show Links:

    'Americans are dreamers too:'
    'The collapse of California and the election of a crazy prosecutor:'
    'Homeless man dumps hot feces on woman in LA:'
    Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved

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    Trump needs to show "visual aids"...charts of communities where illegal alien crime has skyrockted.

    Charts on the impact of our local budgets, illegal aliens in our schools, our housing, our healthcare system and the costs!

    How many are in our jails, our courts, the cost of attorneys, lawsuits, jury, it is out of control.

    The impact of the crime in SPECIFIC communities.

    The theft, DUI's, rape and murders.

    Many people are clueless as to the damage these illegal aliens, TPS, refugees and asylum liars are doing to our communities. More ghettos, crime, trash!

    There is NOTHING good about open borders, complete lawlessness, and flooding our country with MILLIONS of foreigners both legally and illegally every year.

    We are going to be SLAPPED in the face by this pretty hard if we do not stop it in it's tracks and reverse it.

    We have 30 MILLION to deport...imagine the immediate relief all across America. Get them out of here!
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