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    Global Migration

    Nearly 190 million people, about three percent of the world’s population, lived outside their country of birth in 2005. A look at the flow of people around the globe.

    Green is where they are going.
    Gold is where they are leaving.

    Interactive Map at: ... PHIC.html#
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    you know if you click the link and look over a couple of tabs on the graphic you'll see one that shows the amount of money sent home by migrants.

    That big blue dot over Mexico is how much of our economy is being siphoned off.
    That should be money circulating in our economy.

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    We are by far the one country bringing in the most people. How can we sustain such a huge number of people so fast?
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    Look at those stats. 12X the amount of money leaves our country going to Mexcio than what comes here. Also look at China and India with the money that going back there.
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    Wow, they are going to those evil, imperialist, Western Civ
    countries where their freedoms are so abused!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dem4labor
    Wow, they are going to those evil, imperialist, Western Civ
    countries where their freedoms are so abused!
    Yeh, you'd think if we were so bad they would not want to live in the focal point of the evil.

    But be concerned about what this represents. The Third World is repopulating Western nations. Western Civilization is in grave danger world-wide.
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