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    SHOCKING VIDEO: 71% of Illegal Aliens Sent to GOP Congressional Districts

    Video is two weeks old but I just spotted it tonight.... kaaboom this is a complete info bombshell story. Im uploading it to all our social media and websites tonight and rolling this video out in the center of a press release tomorrow morning.

    SHOCKING VIDEO: 71% of Illegal Aliens Sent to ‘Republican Congressional Districts’ at taxpayer expense through liberal charities! Thank you for this report @Heritage @RomanBalmakov & @EpochTimes

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    Washington D.C. makes the FEDERAL laws. D.C. is not a state.

    Round them up and dump them all in Washington D.C. to await their "court" dates!

    This is outrageous. Not one state taxpayer dime should be spent on illegal aliens including school.

    Use our taxpayer funded schools buses to bus them to D.C. 24/7/365.

    This is election interference, Treason and Sedition, as the deviant cheating Democrats want to flip red states blue through massive Amnesty #8.

    We have 50 million to deport.


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