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The Stupidity of France's Macron, 2446

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The Still Report
Published on Nov 18, 2018

Synopsis: Good Sunday morning, I’m still reporting on the stupidity of Globalists. No matter what happens from here out, President Trump can rest assured that his comments on being a proud nationalist will be viewed favorably by freedom-loving historians around the world and throughout time. And I would be remiss if I do not provide equal praise to two European figures that helped turn the tide as well – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and one of the UK’s best-spoken representatives to the European Parliament, Nigel Farage. In fact, it appears that the globalist wave has now crested and washed up on the shores of infamy after delivering its first sour fruits of the invasion – higher – much higher taxation – and a disintegration of civilized order and the rule of law. Now remember, the modern-day definition of invasion is migration without assimilation. Germany, France, Italy and Sweden were the hardest-hit European nations thanks to the open door policies of their leaders. But now the tide seems to be turning. Germany’s Angela Merkel has announced her retirement before the hard-working Germans can give her the boot out of German politics. In March, 2018, leaders of Italy’s open-door immigration policies were smashed in national elections and reduced to a small Democrat heartland north of Rome.