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Thread: Tucker on X (Ep. 46) | The Alex Jones Interview

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    Tucker on X (Ep. 46) | The Alex Jones Interview

    December 7, 2023

    Tucker Carlson interview with Alex Jones.

    Some notes-

    Making enforcement class among the American people

    Texas is overwhelmed by illegal aliens

    criminals running the country

    Declare emergencies in the states

    Texas is almost purple - those fleeing blue states bring leftist ideology

    Austin - crime everywhere, trash, illegal aliens everywhere

    same rot we see across the country

    ruling elites - Blackrock, State Street

    carbon footprints thousands of times bigger than average person

    Obama - you can’t control you air conditioning, drive your suv, eat what you want

    turn over our bodies to them - pandemic treaty

    United Nations

    such hellish stuff coming

    they hope people throw their hands up

    dig us out from rural areas

    press Secretary is so dumb, repulsive

    fight for infrastructure

    They want to cut off food supply

    Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab

    going into Ireland, Netherlands, taking out farmers

    WEF alumini

    cut off our energy

    make an angrier world

    cause collapse

    demolish culture

    robot controlled

    half of U.S. off limits

    global control

    California moving to ban classic cars

    15 minute cities

    digital currencies

    social credit

    5g bathing you

    eat bugs

    250 square foot coffin like housing

    don't want free societies

    carbon rationing, food rationing


    trans humanists

    free and denial of death

    Brian Stelter - CNN

    Oliver Darcy

    President Trump -
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