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    When the Walls Come Tearing Down: The Coming Border Crisis

    Mark Morgan is a guest for discussion on the looming disaster on the border.

    180 degrees change in direction. Cartels and smugglers own the 2,000 miles of border. They touch, own, etc, whatever crosses.

    Biden is going against current law.

    Obama/Biden restricted action by border patrol and ICE. More restrictive now under Biden.

    Ending the wall building will cost billions, make us less safe.

    Remain in Mexico under President Trump, ending Catch and Release, is gone now. 500,000 were being released after caught and lowered to @1,000. We had asylum agreements for safe third country policy.

    Another guest says we need more technology to detect tunnels, etc. In 2021 we should do better.

    Mark Morgan says “Walls Work.” Helps border patrol response time. Agents want access roads, steel and concrete, lighting.

    We seize more through ports but there is all that happens between ports of entry. Getting in to never be heard from again.

    NII, Non Intrusive Inspection.

    Autonomous powers that uses artificial intelligence.

    Tunneks are tough nuts to crack. Gone to other countries for help in how to detect and handle tunnels.
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