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Thread: William Gheen - President Trump was Passive in Preventing Election Fraud

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    William Gheen - President Trump was Passive in Preventing Election Fraud

    William Gheen - President Trump was Passive in Preventing Election Fraud
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    Trump had a lot of turnover the first 2 years out. A lot of Obama holdovers are still there with the deep state and DHS, FBI, CIA.

    Plus they cheated in their mid-term elections is how these sewer rats are not voted out.

    Too many bad actors to enforce or investigate any election integrity at the time without massive resistance, the race card, collusion screaming along with the non-stop, 365, 24/7, obstruction of the Democrats, Pelosi, and the Rino's that has been going on even when traitor John McCain was there and continues with Rino's Graham and Romney in our own party. John McCain was the "mole".

    Trump has been up against a brick wall, massive resistance, and facing into 150 mile an hour winds for four years here and with world leaders. All who he has exposed as thieves taking from our country and paying off the swamp rats like Joe Biden.

    I am hoping Trumps strategy was to "play this out", expose the belly of the fraud, all at once, so something in finally getting done about it. I hope Sidney Powell and Lin Wood blow the lid off this damn thing like there is no tomorrow!

    As far as violence and unrest if Trump wins. Already happening since 8 years of Obama and 4 years of Pelosi's BS. Bring it on. Call in the National Guard and haul them off for Sedition.

    He knew there was no way Sanders, Biden, Harris, Beto, Yang, Warren, or whatever other Democrat loser was on the stage was going to win without massive fraud.

    I will wait for it to play out in court and hope to God Trump wins this election fair and square.

    We cannot ever have Biden - Harris in the WH. It will be a disaster for the USA and the world's citizens.


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