I went out and acquired the Congressional Staff directory for the US Senate so activists can call and request lower level staff members BY NAME and reach the right folks who's job it is to listen to constituent concerns:

If any activists want their Senator's staff contact information, just let me know which state you want:

For example, here are the staff members for Virginia Senator Warner

Washington, DC Staff Luke S. Albee
202-224-2023 Chief of Staff
E-mail: luke_albee@warner.senate.gov Kevin Hall
202-224-2023 Communications Director
E-mail: kevin_hall@warner.senate.gov Walker Irving
202-224-2023 Scheduler
E-mail: walker_irving@warner.senate.gov Cassidy Rasnick
202-224-2023 Asst. Scheduler
E-mail: cassidy_rasnick@warner.senate.gov Reagan Blewett
202-224-2023 Admin. Director
E-mail: reagan_blewett@warner.senate.gov Jesica Wagstaff
202-224-2023 Exec. Asst.
E-mail: jesica_wagstaff@warner.senate.gov Courtney Dozier
202-224-2023 Outreach Director
E-mail: courtney_dozier@warner.senate.gov Kelly Thomasson
202-224-2023 Projects Coord.
E-mail: kelly_thomasson@warner.senate.gov Jonathan Davidson
202-224-2023 Chief Policy Advisor; Legis. Director
E-mail: jonathan_davidson@warner.senate.gov Neeta Bidwai
202-224-2023 Sr. Policy Advisor , Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Competitiveness, Technology, Telecommunications, Trade
E-mail: neeta_bidwai@warner.senate.gov Beatriz Ibarra
202-224-2023 Legis. Counsel , Judiciary, Immigration, Labor
E-mail: beatriz_ibarra@warner.senate.gov Mona Lewandoski
202-224-2023 Legis. Counsel
E-mail: mona_lewandoski@warner.senate.gov Nicholas Devereaux
202-224-2023 Legis. Asst. , Transportation
E-mail: nicholas_devereaux@warner.senate.gov Nathan Steinwald
202-224-2023 Legis. Asst. , Banking
E-mail: nathan_steinwald@warner.senate.gov Mark Brunner
202-224-2023 Military Legis. Asst. , Defense
E-mail: mark_brunner@warner.senate.gov Jay Williamson
202-224-2023 Corres. Director
E-mail: jay_williamson@warner.senate.gov Michelle Maiwurm
202-224-2023 Sr. Legis. Corres.
E-mail: michelle_maiwurm@warner.senate.gov Leah Ralph
202-224-2023 Sr. Legis. Corres.
E-mail: leah_ralph@warner.senate.gov Alex Baker
202-224-2023 Legis. Corres.
E-mail: alex_baker@warner.senate.gov Auguste Humphries
202-224-2023 Legis. Corres.
E-mail: auguste_humphries@warner.senate.gov Manica Noziglia
202-224-2023 Legis. Corres.
E-mail: manica_noziglia@warner.senate.gov Bao Nguyen
202-224-2023 Banking Fellow
E-mail: bao_nguyen@warner.senate.gov Anthony Young
202-224-2023 National Security Fellow
E-mail: anthony_young@warner.senate.gov Ann Rust
202-224-2023 State Services Director
E-mail: ann_rust@warner.senate.gov Anna Payne
202-224-2023 Asst. to the Chief of Staff; Legis. Corres.
E-mail: anna_payne@warner.senate.gov Zandra Chestnut
202-224-2023 Mail Communications Admin.
E-mail: zandra_chestnut@warner.senate.gov Jack Mayer
202-224-2023 Systems Admin.
E-mail: john_mayer@warner.senate.gov Riki Parikh
202-224-2023 Press Asst.
E-mail: riki_parikh@warner.senate.gov Carrig Balderston
202-224-2023 Staff Asst.
E-mail: carrig_balderston@warner.senate.gov Zack Golden
202-224-2023 Staff Asst.
E-mail: zack_golden@warner.senate.gov Patricia Asher
202-224-2023 Asst. to Admin. Director
E-mail: patricia_asher@warner.senate.gov

State Offices and Staff
Abingdon, VA 24210-2844:
180 W. Main Street
Phone: 276-628-8158
Fax: 276-628-1036
Brian Everitt Constituent Services Director Drew Lumpkin Outreach Rep.
Norfolk, VA 23510-1690:
101 W. Main Street, Suite 4900
Phone: 757-441-3079
Fax: 757-441-6250
Denise Goode Constituent Services Director Bet Cake Constituent Services Rep. Skip Zobel Military Outreach Rep. Sandy Bodenhamer Staff Asst.
Richmond, VA 23219-4600:
919 E. Main Street, Suite 630
Phone: 804-775-2314
Fax: 804-775-2319
David H. Hallock Jr. State Director Lydia Donovan Constituent Services Rep. Marilyn Jones Constituent Services Rep. Patrice Lewis Outreach Rep. Lynette Plummer Staff Asst.
Roanoke, VA 24011-1203:
129B Salem Avenue, S.W.
Phone: 540-857-2676
Fax: 540-857-2800
Lou Kadiri Constituent Services Director Drew Densmore Outreach Rep. Joyce Johnson Staff Asst.
Vienna, VA 22182-6203:
8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 200
Phone: 703-442-0670
Fax: 703-442-0408
Ann Rust State Services Director Carol Ford Constituent Services Rep. Scott Price Constituent Services Rep. Catie Finley Staff Asst.