8 Feb 2018

A just-released Morning Consult poll shows that congressional Democrats have lost ground on key issues such as the economy, jobs, national security, and even immigration.

It was only a month ago when Democrats and their national media allies were crowing over the coming Big Blue Wave of 2018, which is now starting to look an awful lot like the Big Blue Wall of 2016 that was supposed to ensure Hillary Clinton’s presidential victory. Just as President Trump proved that a Republican could climb over that wall to win Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — the 2018 mid-term wave has receded more than just a little bit.

On the Real Clear Politics polls of polls, what was a double digit lead for Democrats on the generic ballot has dwindled to a mere 6 point lead, which will probably not be enough for Nancy Pelosi to become House Speaker.

Not only is the overall trend against the Big Blue Wave, so, too, are the internals of the latest poll from Morning Consult when compared to the same firm’s poll from June of 2016.

On the question of who voters trust more to handle key issues, voters have moved away from Democrats and towards Republicans…


June 2017: Democrats 40 / Republicans 42 — R+2

February 2018: Democrats 36 / Republicans 45 — R+9

Republican gain of +7

Job Creation

June 2017: D 40 / R 42 — R+2

February 2018: D 37 / R 43 — R+6

Republican gain of +4

National Security

June 2017: D 37 / R 43 — R+6

February 2018: D 33 / R 46 — R+13

Republican gain of +7


June 2017: D 40 / R 43 — R+3

February 2018: D 37 / R 43 — R+6

Republican gain of +3


June 2017: D 44 / R 34 — D+10

February 2018: D40 / R 36 — D+4

Republican gain of +6

Generic Ballot

June 2017: D 43 / R 39 — D+4

February 2015: D 42 — R 38 — D+4

While Republicans are polling better on key issues that usually decide elections, this has not resulted in gaining any ground on this particular poll’s generic ballot.

On the issues where they always poll best — environment and education — back in June, Democrats enjoyed advantages of +20, and +11, respectively. Those numbers have not moved.

As of now, Democrats seem to want to make the 2018 mid-terms about immigration. On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Pelosi was hailed by the media for working an eight-hour day where she gave a speech about illegal immigrants, that many saw as racially condescending. Given the Democrats’ increasing disadvantage on this issue, it should be of no surprise that some Democrats found Pelosi’s “stunt” tone deaf.