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    15 Oct 2014, 3:03

    According to two new polls, trust in the Democratic Party has hit a 30-year low.

    A new Washington Post/ABC poll conducted last week finds that that only 39 percent of respondents have a favorable view of the Democrat Party with 51 percent saying the Democrats are failing, a 30-year low according to this poll. But the Republicans aren't loved any better: only 33 percent saying the Grand Old Party is doing well.

    More ominously for Democrats, only three weeks out from the midterm election, it appears that President Barack Obama may serve as a drag on the party. The poll found that only 40 percent say the President is doing a good job. That is the lowest rating theWashington Post poll has ever recorded for the President.

    Obama's rating is even worse among independents, with only 33 percent saying the President is doing well.

    The President has suffered from multiple failures, namely his failed handling of the Islamic threat of ISIS, his bungling of the Ebola crisis, and his fecklessness in the face of Russian aggression.

    But Obama's worst rating comes from his failed response to the immigration crisis. A dismal 29 percent said they felt Obama had did well handing the tens of thousands of illegals that swamped our southern borders earlier this year.

    The Post poll also found that Republicans are highly motivated to vote in next month's elections. 77 percent said they are certain to vote, while only 63 percent of Democrats replied that way.

    Meanwhile, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of registered voters also released this week handed Obama a similarly dismal 42 percent approval rating (52 percent disapproved).

    In this poll fully 65 percent of respondents felt that the country is "on the wrong track" while only a low 25 percent felt that the US was headed in the right direction.

    As for the ratings of the two parties, the GOP had a 50 percent negative view, with 30 percent feeling positively about the party, while the Democrats had a 43 percent negative view with only 37 percent viewing the party in a positive light.

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    Trouble Looms for Obama, Democrats with Election Day 2014 Approaching
    (Evan Vucci/AP Photo | Danny Johnston/AP Photo | Melinda Deslatte/AP Photo) Barack Obama and his political party are heading into the midterm elections in...|By ABC News

    Article at the page link:
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    Democrats heading to midterm disaster: Party's approval rating at lowest level in 30 years as Obama's plunges to a new low

    • Democrats' odds of retaining the Senate and winning back the House are rapidly dwindling
    • A newly released ABC News poll found that Obama is viewed favorably by just 40 percent of Americans
    • Voters who say they're not aligned with either major party gave Obama a 33 percent approval rating
    • Significantly more likely voters say they will cast a ballot against Obama than those who say they'll head to the polls to show their support for him

    By Francesca Chambers for MailOnline
    Published: 13:10 EST, 15 October 2014 | Updated: 14:17 EST, 15 October 2014

    Democrats' hopes of retaining the Senate and winning back the House are looking bleaker and bleaker these days as national polls foretell disaster for the president's party in next month's elections.
    One particularly crushing blow to Democrats' chances is an ABC News/Washington Post poll released this morning that puts the party's popularity level at its lowest point in 30 years and Obama's approval rating at a career low.
    Worse, significantly more likely voters who took the poll said they would cast a ballot against Obama on Election Day, 26 percent, than those who said they would vote to show their support for him, 14 percent.

    President Barack Obama speaks about the effort to destroy ISIS at a meeting with the military leadership from 21 coalition partner nations on Tuesday. Despite Obama's efforts to convince Americans that he has the situation under control, likely voters overwhelming said they trusted Republicans to finish off the terrorist group than Democrats

    President Barack Obama's approval rating is at a career low. Worse, just 33 percent of voters not affiliated with either major party gave Obama high praise. That spells bad news for Democrats in November

    The release of the poll spelling doom for Democrats was coupled by a report from Politico that President Barack Obama will limit his campaigning the week before the election to states with competitive gubernatorial races.
    The move by the White House could signal a shift in focus away from winning control of Congress. It may also be evidence of just how unwelcome the president is at events with House and Senate candidates from his own political party.
    The newly released ABC News poll found that Obama is viewed favorably by just 40 percent of Americans.
    More telling is that voters who say they're not aligned with either major party gave Obama a 33 percent approval rating.
    Respondents to the poll also gave Obama historically low ratings for his handling of immigration, international affairs and terrorism.
    Furthermore, seven out 10 survey takers said they fear that terrorists will carry out another attack on the U.S, and likely voters gave Republicans a 22 point advantage when it came to who they trust most to defeat ISIS.

    The only major issues that presumed voters said they believed Democrats were best equipped to tackle were 'helping the middle class' and 'women's issues. Democrats carried the women's issues category by 22 points, suggesting that the GOP is still battling the notion that it's at war with women.
    And while Republicans are even less liked by voters than Democrats and have a 33 percent positive rating compared to Democrats' 39 percent, ABC's pollsters found that GOP congressional candidates have a significant lead over their opponents.
    Republican contenders for the House of Representatives hold a 50-43 percent lead over their Democratic competitors among likely voters, the survey shows.
    Congressional Democrats hoping to close the gap in the final weeks of the race were confronted with even more bad news today as their party chair revealed that weak spending from outside groups could cost them as many as three dozen seats.
    'Look, it’s more of a challenge than we would like it to be,' Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel told reporters today during a briefing.
    'It is frustrating that the cavalry that has always been there don’t seem to be there,' the New York representative said, according to Politico.

    First lady Michelle Obama is pictured here at a campaign rally for for Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf this afternoon. The White House has turned its focus to helping members of the president's party competing for their states' executive mansions as national Democrats appear less and less likely to win the Senate. They have almost no hope of winning the House

    Already, Democrats have a 17-seat deficit in the House of Representatives. Republicans are predicted to expand their dominance in the lower chamber by at least five seats, if not more.
    The GOP hopes to win at least 11 additional seats this election cycle in order to achieve an overwhelming majority not seen by Republicans in the House since the '40s.
    Polling site Real Clear Politics ranks 17 seats as toss ups and predicts that two seats currently held by Republican lawmakers will go to Democrats. RCP lists just one district represented by a Democrat as a probable Republican pick-up opportunity.
    That means Republicans would have to win 15 of the 17 toss-up races listed by Real Clear Politics in order to achieve it's goal, an unlikely scenario.
    Israel said today that he doesn't believe any of the seats Democrats are fighting to the finish for are a lost cause yet, but the trickle of spending from Democratic political action committees suggests that other major players in his party think otherwise.
    The 2014 elections were always Republicans to lose, as Democrats traditionally turn out in low numbers in midterm years. Voters also tend to support the party who's guy is not in the executive seat of power during midterm elections, as well.
    The dynamics of the midterm elections, combined with president's poor approval rating, have given Republicans the upper hand in the Senate, too.
    While RCP has Republicans and Democrats neck and neck for control of the legislature's upper chamber, only two of the seats on the site's toss-up list are currently held by Republicans. The other eight belong to Democratic lawmakers.
    As such, President Obama has reportedly set his sights on the country's governors races, which Democrats have a substantially stronger chance of winning, and will campaign for candidates in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maine and Michigan, according to a White House official who spoke with Politico.
    This upcoming weekend he'll also appear at events with Democratic candidates for governor in Maryland and Illinois.
    Obama was supposed to headline an event for Connecticut's governor today, but the White House announced at the last minute that the president, who is notorious for campaigning in the midst of crises, would stay in Washington to focus on the government's response to the Ebola outbreak.
    Last night news broke that a second hospital worker at the Texas facility where Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan was treated had contracted Ebola. Duncan met an untimely death last Wednesday after doctors unsuccessfully treated him for the deadly disease.
    Nearly two-thirds of respondents to ABC News' poll, which was conducted from the day after Duncan died until Sunday, said they're worried about an Ebola epidemic in the U.S. The poll does not appear to have asked them how they feel about Obama's response to the emergency so far.

    Read more:

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    The Democrat party long ago moved into the radical category in my opinion, some ideas they express appear to come out of Castro's Cuba or perhaps the old Soviet Union, sadly public schools no longer see or teach communism as a bad thing so majority of younger votes see nothing wrong with communist ideas.It also seems the GOP is scared to call out Democrat candidates who express socialist/communist ideas for fear the media will ridicule them. Time for the GOP to speak out if they wish to survive.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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