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    $10 says I have figured out Bush

    I am willing to wager $10 that I have Pres. George Bush figured.

    Bush is a Jesuit.

    Bush is a member of the "Society of Jesus" founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola.

    ProofImagine that Bush was a Jesuit, to wit, an "aggressive Catholic" bent on "saving immortal souls" by re-Catholicizing all "heathen" (=non-Catholic) lands, and willing to do so by any means, because after all the "ends justify the means", since we're talking about your immortal soul here (!), and Catholic popes have ruled that everyone who dies outside the Catholic fold is hell-damned (Catholicism is "essential for salvation", in particular Catholic Baptism & Holy Communion).

    Imagine that Bush was a Jesuit...

    Imagine what a Jesuit Bush would do...

    Let's see...

    A Jesuit Bush would launch aggressive wars against the Muslim Middle East, and call them explicitly a crusade...
    which Bush did

    A Jesuit Bush would make his first act of office the inauguration of an explicitly Papist building complex in America's Capital, DC...
    which Bush did — in March 2001, Bush gave the Commencement Address at the "Pope John Paul II Cultural Center" in DC, at which Bush essentially said that America must heed the advice of the Pope, which makes America a de facto Papist country, beholden unto the rulings and decrees of Rome


    Therefore, Bush does everything he would do if he really were a Jesuit.

    Bush walks & talks like a Jesuit...
    Bush is indistiguishable from a Jesuit...
    Er go, Bush is a Jesuit.

    PS Coincidentally, Bush is a member of the "Skull and Bones" fraternity. Now, of course, many would say you should just laugh that off, because hey, "it's just a frat". Fine.

    But coincidentally, the emblem of the Jesuit order is a human skull. The famous paintings of Ignatius Loyola, for example, show him holding a human skull. This is a reference, of course, to the Mountain of Golgotha in the New Testament — Golgotha means "skull" in Hebrew, and is the site where Jesus Christ was crucified. (The hill chosen happened to look like a skull.)

    Thus, the Jesuit emblem — a human skull — is a direct reference to the heart of the Catholic faith, the murder of the Messiah.

    And, coincidentally, Bush is a member of "team Skull", as it were (Skull & Bones).
    'Tolerance' just means 'Take it!'
    It's not about conforming your mind to reality — but conforming reality to your mind (your mind over matter, not matter over you).

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    I'm not 100.00000% sure of course. After all, for example, Bush is a Major Fan of Israel, which of course wouldn't seem to "fit the profile"..

    (I only wager $10.00)
    'Tolerance' just means 'Take it!'
    It's not about conforming your mind to reality — but conforming reality to your mind (your mind over matter, not matter over you).

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    King George W. Bush

    King George W. Bush is just like his daddy and trying to finish what George Herbert Walker Bush started .... The New World Order

    Look up Bohemian grove on youtube and watch the video or Alex Jones videos on youtube ..... any elected official that goes to an event that burns an effigy of man and says he is a christian is blastphomy.

    Wait to you see some of the names of people and see thier faces in attendance at the Bohemian grove which meets in full once a year

    The new world order believes only 500,000 people should live on the earth to keep it in balance with nature. The elites by the way will lead .... remember daddy Bushes speach (New World Order) watch the video and see what I am seeing

    the only way to bring this great country to it's knee's is doing just what a demon would do to take down this Christian Naton ... maybe I'm right ..... maybe you should check it out yourself and make an educated decision!

    George H. W. + George W Bush =
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