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5 People Stabbed in Annapolis Brawl
July 12, 2008

Five people were stabbed when a fight broke out on Center Street in Annapolis shortly after midnight Saturday.

At approximately 12:44 a.m. police were called to 201 Center Street for a large fight. When they arrived, they found three stabbing victims at the scene. A short while later, police received a call from the Anne Arundel Medical Center and were advised two more stabbing victims were at the hospital.

Witnesses told police that a man, identified as Ernesto Contreras, showed up at the scene with a white female who is being identified as Melanie Mucciolo. A fight broke out between Contreras and a group of individuals. Witnesses told police they saw Conteras stab five people including Mucciolo, Andres Marino, Mario Gabino, Rodolfo Calleja and Santiago Serrano.

Mucciolo was stabbed in the abdomen. She showed up at AAMC, although police do not know how she got there. She had surgery this morning. Her condition is unknown at this time.

Serrano also showed up at AAMC. He was stabbed in the left arm. He had surgery this morning as well for treatment of his injuries.

Found at the scene were Marino, Gabino, and Calleja. Marino was stabbed in the left leg near his femoral artery. He was taken to Shock Trauma where his condition is now listed as serious. Gabino was stabbed in the center of his chest. He was also taken to Shock Trauma where his condition is listed as serious. Calleja was taken to AAMC. He was stabbed twice in his left soldier. His wounds are considered not to be life threatening.

Contreras was found at AAMC and taken into police custody. He is being charged with 30 criminal violation, five counts of attempted first degree murder, five counts of attempted second degree murder, 5 counts of first degree assault, five counts of second degree assault, and five counts of reckless endangerment. He is currently being held at the Detention Center without bond.

While interviewing witnesses police discovered one of the witnesses had also been stabbed. He was stabbed in the groin and refused medial treatment.