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    Absurd vaccine marketing cervical vaccine for boys!!!!

    Absurd vaccine marketing calls for cervical cancer vaccinations for young boys!
    Wednesday, August 29, 2007 by: Mike Adams

    The headline for this story is not a typo. The push to sell more vaccines and pharmaceuticals has now reached a level of absurdity that should astonish any intelligent person. The mainstream media is now reporting -- and I'm not kidding -- that young boys should be vaccinated with Gardasil (the drug now being pushed onto teenage girls to supposedly prevent cervical cancer) based on the idea that if they have oral sex with girls who carry HPV, they might get throat cancer!

    This is an incredible stretch of scientific credibility, and it's such a preposterous marketing campaign that only Big Pharma could have come up with it. It's obviously nothing more than a massive scare campaign to try to dream up some way to market this high-profit vaccine to a whole new group of customers who don't need it: teenage boys!

    Even the idea of mandatory vaccinations for teenage girls is little more than desperate disease mongering designed to sell vaccines. Carrying HPV doesn't automatically lead to cervical cancer any more than carrying chicken pox turns you into a walking biological weapon. Most people who carry the virus show no symptoms at all, and girls with healthy immune systems and healthy lifestyles (diet, nutrition, etc.) have a near-zero risk of ever developing cervical cancer, even if they're exposed to HPV on a repeated basis. The virus isn't the disease: It's the terrain of the person carrying the virus! If they're unhealthy and vulnerable, then of course they're not going to be able to keep the virus in check.

    We don't live in a sterile world, after all. There are more bacteria cells in your body right now than human cells, and we're surrounded by viruses, fungi and other germs. The whole idea of vaccinating against one particular strain that might someday, possibly, perhaps cause a problem if you have sex is just medical nonsense.

    But vaccinating young boys is an even dumber idea. It's so stupid that I can't find the words to even describe how low on the IQ chart these drug marketing "experts" must be to come up with this one. They must think the public is so gullible that they can just make up any sex-related story and use it to sell drugs. Next, we'll be hearing about young boys giving themselves HPV through masturbation! And the cries for vaccinating all young boys will be something along the lines of, "If you masturbate, VACCINATE!"

    Sadly, most consumers are so ignorant about reproductive health and germs in general that they'd probably buy into it. And if that campaign is successful, they'll go for the ultimate stupid scare tactic: The Doorknob Campaign (keep reading, if you dare...).

    Warning: Doorknobs can give you cancer
    Here's how this campaign works. (Warning: This contains some graphic language, but it's the only way I can accurately describe just how stupid these vaccination scare tactics have become. If you're offended by certain words, you probably shouldn't be reading anything on this website in the first place...) To pull this off, the drug companies start floating scare stories about how anyone can get cancer by touching doorknobs. How? Because you never know when some HPV carrying person might have touched a doorknob after touching themselves. Therefore, doorknobs can give you sexually transmitted diseases, and if you happen to touch yourself after touching the doorknob, then -- watch out! -- suddenly you're going to die from cervical cancer, throat cancer, crotch cancer or whatever other fear mongering diseases they can dream up. Doorknobs are dangerous, didn't you know?

    The only way to protect yourself from these germified doorknobs is to get a vaccine. And since doorknobs are everywhere, everybody should get the vaccine! This includes children, teens, adults and senior citizens. It's a brilliant way to sell hundreds of millions of doses of a dangerous injected substance that nobody actually needs, and it's all made possible by the doorknob scare campaign! (And if doorknobs aren't convincing enough, they can start scare stories about public toilet seats instead.)

    Drug companies have turned the United States into a nation of hypochondriacs
    If they can convince parents that their male children need to be vaccinated against a virus linked to cervical cancer, I suppose they can sell just about anything to anyone. What's next? Are they going to demand that all girls be vaccinated against prostate cancer just in case they engage in oral sex with men who have enlarged prostate glands? Yes, this sounds stupid. It IS stupid. And yet it's not too stupid to be embraced by Big Pharma.

    Remember, Big Pharma is the same industry that has essentially declared womanhood to be a disease. They have a pill that stops all menstruation -- for life, and the marketing materials imply that a woman having a monthly period is some sort of disorder that needs to be halted to live a normal, happy life. It won't be long before they've got women scared half to death about simply being a woman! (Notice, too, that conventional medicine is dominated by males who all too easily declare various female experiences to be "diseases" or "disorders.")

    Big Pharma's primary weapon in promoting these silly scare stories is the mainstream media. All they have to do is start floating stories about how dangerous oral sex can be, and then once everybody is scared half to death of oral sex, they can float the "solution" as yet another vaccine.

    Inventing the problem, then marketing the "solution"
    Did you ever notice how the press never even talked about Restless Legs Syndrome until the drug companies had a new pharmaceutical for sale that claimed to treat the condition? The press sets up the fear campaigns for one fictitious disease after another, and then Big Pharma just happens to introduce a new high-profit chemical that treats the disease. In this latest example, the press has been floating stories about the dangers of oral sex for several days, and then -- whammo! -- a story magically appears about vaccinating young boys to protect them from the dangers of oral sex.

    You have to understand that almost nothing appears in the mainstream media without an agenda. The news isn't news, it's a way of shaping public perception in order to market something: War, drugs, products, paradigms, etc. The U.S. press is a vehicle of shaping the belief systems of the public. It invents and promotes cultural fears, beliefs and perceptions. It has nothing whatsoever to do with bringing people useful news and information. Instead, it is almost entirely focused on getting people to believe what the folks in charge want them to believe.

    The current news about the housing bubble, for example, is all designed to delay the coming collapse of both the global real estate market and the U.S. stock market (not to mention the U.S. dollar). By shaping public perception and telling people it's only a temporary downturn in the market, they can convince enough people that we should all keep on paying sky-high prices for houses and thereby delay the inevitable real estate market collapse for a little longer.

    Similarly, virtually every story you read about health is designed to shape your beliefs about nutrition, pharmaceuticals, health care and the (false) causes of diseases. Stories about the genetic causes of disease, for example, are designed to strip away your power and get you to believe that you have no control over your own health. Stories about the dangers of nutritional supplements are designed to convince you to fear nutrition and trust only in pharmaceuticals. Stories about oral sex, as we've seen here, are designed to rally the nation into a state of irrational fear out of which they will react by calling for mandatory vaccinations of teenage boys.

    David Icke describes this as "Problem - Reaction - Solution." First, they set up the fictitious problem and scare everybody, then they wait for the public reaction (which is quite predictable and actually planned out from the beginning). Finally, they introduce the "solution" which is war, or martial law, or forced vaccinations or whatever was on their agenda in the first place. It's the way all power brokers have ever managed to get things done in a society that pretends to be free. If you want to sell useless pharmaceuticals to hundreds of millions of people who don't need them, you can't just march in and force people to buy them. That would never fly. Instead, you have to convince the people to demand the vaccinations themselves! And you do that by propagandizing scare stories like this one on the dangers of oral sex. If you scare the people enough, they'll demand that you take action, and then your "solution" looks like you're just responding to the needs of the people.

    Modern medicine is a hoax. It mostly comes down to brainwashing doctors, playing mind games with the public and controlling the media. Disease mongering is rampant, and drug companies are now resorting to the most absurd, ridiculous leaps of the imagination to try to convince people they need more vaccines and medications. Just five years ago, the idea that teenage boys needed to be vaccinated against a cervical cancer virus would have been considered lunacy, but today, the Big Pharma propaganda machine is pushing it with a straight facing, hoping that within a year or two, the population will be so utterly frightened over oral sex viruses that every sexually active person in the country will line up and fork over cash for their "sex vaccines."

    And it is in this way that Big Pharma has now managed to turn oral sex into a disease requiring chemical treatment. Regardless of whether there's any actual sex taking place, there's one thing for certain: Consumers are getting royally screwed.
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    THIS is crazy!
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    LOL.....sorry I did have to chuckle at the idea of a vaccine for women for prostate cancer.

    I'm not a brain child but I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday either....I have never been a fan of vaccines. I know viruses mutate which is why we are experiencing stronger and more untreatable strains of things. I remember when they first discovered, how many strains are there? What about the common cold? Even now after being one who had they say they are no good for the new strain of mumps....etc.

    Just like they have said we have sterilized ourselves to the point where we are more suseptable to bacterial elements.....they very well be creating far worse things with these vaccines.

    I remember studying about cock roaches and viruses and just what marvelous means they have to quickly mutate to has been said that even with a nuclear war those 2 would survive. That I don't doubt for a second. Even with vaccines.....they may have "knocked it out" here.....but they didn't knock it out completely and now they are back more deadly than before.
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