ADHD drugs caused pre-teen girl to fatally stab brother in “demonic” rage; mother regrets pulling child off meds too late

Thursday, June 08, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) The pharmaceutical industry has done it again with another tragedy resulting from a child’s use of its government-approved drugs.
A little girl whose mom, April Lyda, put her on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs at the order of her doctor ended up murdering her nine-year-old brother Zander in what media reports describe as a “demonic” rage.
Prior to the horrific incident, the little girl had started to become “angry for no reason,” prompting her mother April to pull her off the unnamed drug. It was already too late, though: The child experienced a “manic episode” that ultimately caused her to stab her little brother, whom her mother says she loved dearly.
“From what we found it looks like it was a medication issue, not anything else,” Lyda told Chris Cuomo. “Like a manic episode of some kind.”
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Are ADHD drugs causing children to become possessed by demons?

Lyda had previously taken her daughter off ADHD drugs after the child started cutting her arms “within a month of being back on it.”
“So I immediately took her off,” Lyda revealed.
“After speaking to the school, and her doctor, and herself – we had a long conversation – she said that she felt like she was really irritated, irritable, angry for no reason on the medication.”
“So of course I took her off of it. Unfortunately, it was too late. The damage was done. Stuff like this kind of thing can happen months or even years after being off of the medication like this.”
For some time prior to the incident, the little girl had been home-schooled until her doctor advised Lyda that she probably needed to put her child back on the ADHD medication because of her dropping grades.
“And so I put her back on it. And then a few weeks later, a month later, she cut her arms. So that’s when I was told to take her back off of it, which I did immediately. So she was on it for five years straight and we only took her off of it because she wanted to see if she could go without it and do her schoolwork without it.”
Right before killing her brother, the little girl cut herself like she had previously done in times past.
“They were close, they’ve always been close,” Lyda told Cuomo. “They did yoga together almost every night. They went on vacations together and trips together. They always sat next to each other. They were very close. She loved him and he loved her.”
Lyda says she simply “has no idea” why her daughter ever would have wanted to kill her brother. The child says she is heartbroken about doing it and does not even know why she did it.
“And I believe her, too, because I know my child and I know that wasn’t her,” Lyda added.
Something does not quite add up, though, in the eyes of Darcy Sterling, a licensed clinical social worker who told Cuomo that there are “pieces of this puzzle that are missing.”
“I have never heard of a situation where a child just inadvertently does something like this (with) zero warning signs,” Sterling said, adding that she believes “the meds are not going to make somebody homicidal like that.”
What do you think? Are ADHD drugs strong enough all on their own to cause an otherwise normal child to become so possessed, seemingly by demons, that she stabs her brother to death for no reason?
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ADHD drugs caused pre-teen girl to fatally stab brother in “demonic” rage; mother regrets pulling child off meds too late –