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Thread: ADL Demands Apology From Josh Hawley Following His Blistering Critique of Cosmopolita

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    ADL Demands Apology From Josh Hawley Following His Blistering Critique of Cosmopolita

    ADL Demands Apology From Josh Hawley Following His Blistering Critique of Cosmopolitan Globalism

    The rabidly anti-Trump and pro-censorship Anti-Defamation League wants Hawley to grovel.

    22 hours ago on
    Jul 21, 2019
    Shane Trejo

    Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is under fire after issuing a speech in which he criticized cosmopolitan globalism for the ill effects it is having on U.S. culture, with leftist groups claiming his words were hostile toward Jewish people.
    “The left champions multiculturalism and degrades our common identity,” Hawley said at the National Conservatism Conference during his keynote speech on Tuesday. “The right celebrates hyper-globalization and promises that the market will make everything right in the end, eventually … perhaps.”
    Hawley also drew attention to the “cosmopolitan consensus,” “cosmopolitan elite,” “cosmopolitan class,” and “cosmopolitan economy” while arguing that the “cosmopolitan agenda” has negatively impacted the unity and solidarity of Americans.
    This prompted the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the leftist anti-Trump lobbying group that works with social media entities to implement Big Brother censorship against conservatives, to demand Hawley grovel to them because of his strong words.

    Latest: HATE HOAX: Alleged 'Noose' Found on UMich Campus Turns Out to be Fishing Knot
    Karen Aroesty, who works as regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in St. Louis, is accusing Hawley of using dog whistles for anti-Semitism with his remarks.
    Aroesty contends that Hawley’s speech “raised real concern for members of the Jewish community who are and should be acutely sensitive with increased incidents of antisemitism in the US and beyond.”
    “We have asked the Senator for an apology for even unintended harm caused by the speech. For the Senator and all who have a public platform that comes with power, context matters. Words matter,” she added.
    Gavriela Geller, who works as the executive director for the Jewish Community Relations Bureau-American Jewish Committee, took it even further by claiming that Hawley’s words harken back to Nazi Germany.

    Geller said that talk of a “shadowy elite class destroying the country from within, loyal only to ‘the global community,’ sound to many in the Jewish community eerily reminiscent of speeches from Germany in the 1930s.”
    “Amidst a disturbing resurgence in white nationalism in this country, which less than one year ago led to the deadliest act of anti-Semitism ever seen on American soil, we encourage Sen. Hawley to consider how his words could be perceived by those who seek to define America as a white and Christian nation,” Geller said.
    “We’ve reached out to his office to offer our support in explaining how certain language is received by the Jewish community, and we look forward to engaging with him and strengthening his understanding of our community,” she added.
    The freshman Missouri senator is standing his ground amidst the harsh attacks, and refuses to buckle to the thought police. Hawley maintains that his politics are very pro-Jewish, and his speech carried no anti-Semitic undertones.

    The Republican Jewish Coalition is standing in Hawley’s corner, noting that he is an outspoken Zionist.
    Hawley is also a co-sponsor of a bipartisan Senate resolution that decries anti-Semitism in all of its forms.
    It reads as follows:
    Whereas antisemitism is a unique form of prejudice stretching back millennia that attacks the equal humanity of the Jewish people;Whereas antisemitism has long perpetrated myths about Jews, including the Russian fabrication of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the wide circulation of libelous falsehoods about the Jewish murder of infants;Whereas, in its most extreme form, antisemitism aims at the physical destruction of the Jewish people, as seen in pogroms, forced conversions and Nazi Germany’s murder of over six million Jews;Whereas antisemitism has included attacks on the livelihood of Jews including prohibitions on land ownership, campaigns to boycott, confiscate or destroy Jewish businesses, and denial of the ability of Jews to practice certain professions;Whereas, in the United States, Jews have suffered from systematic discrimination in the form of exclusion from home ownership in certain neighborhoods, prohibition from staying in certain hotels, restrictions upon membership in private clubs and other associations, limitations upon admission to certain educational institutions and other barriers to equal justice under the law;Whereas, in the United States, Jews have faced, and continue to face, false accusations of divided loyalty between the United States and Israel, false claims that they purchase political power with money, and false accusations about control of the financial system, along with other negative stereotypes; andWhereas Jews are the targets of the majority of hate crimes committed in the United States against any religious group, including attacks on houses of worship and Jewish community centers: Now, therefore, be itResolved, That the United States Senate condemns and commits to combating all forms of antisemitism.
    The ADL and other leftist special interest groups are once again invoking false claims of anti-Semitism to attack Republican political leaders.

    APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT????? TELLING THE TRUTH????? And the Senator really isn't fully TELLING THE TRUTH. He's using code langauge.

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    June 17, 2019 Site Admin Leave a comment
    Ed. note: A word of caution: What you are about to read has nothing to do with being “antisemitic” or “critical of Israel” (antisemitic) now made illegal in Florida stripping away any remnants of the 1st Amendment. What is presented here are facts that are well documented. We are involved in an extremely complex and difficult to understand intelligence and counter intelligence operation that will probably go down in history as one of the greatest intelligence operations of all time that originated in the previous Soviet Union and the Bolshevik creation of the state of Israel. We have been trying to piece it together here for months and it is a huge task. One further note: This editor has personally found Jewish writers and researchers provide some of the best sources of information on our circumstances.
    According to the Wall Street Journal account (“Titans of Industry Join Forces To Work for Jewish Philanthropy,” 5/4/9, the Mega Group was founded in 1991 by Leslie Wexler and Edgar and Charles Bronfman. The group’s purpose was to “add greater clout and influence to the powerful Israeli lobby.” Think of the Mega Group as a high powered extremely well funded PR firm laying the psychological preparatory ground work for the attacks on New York in September, 2011 and the subsequent destabilization of the Middle East. When it was established, the Mega Group was an informal very powerful and influential policy-making group. The Mega Group through its network was able to have at its disposal billions of dollars in “charitable” funds for maximum effect on U.S. policy towards Israel, the Mideast and other issues of paramount importance to American Jewish oligarch mega-billionaires to keep American Jews herded. “Life and death decisions affecting U.S. policy?” Like who got killed on 9/11 an who didn’t?
    “The Mega Group convenes twice a year, for two-day sessions, where, behind closed doors, the members make life-and-death decisions, affecting U.S. policy. Membership is by invitation only; the meetings are secret (the Wall Street Journal story was the only coverage to ever appear in the U.S. media about the existence of the Mega Group, before the publication of this EIR account); and the members each kick in $30,000 in annual dues, to cover “operating expenses” for the twice-yearly sessions.”
    Some of the more prominent members of the Mega Group were Leslie Wexler, Edgar and Charles Bronfman, Richard Clarke, Rahm Emanuel, Leon Fuerth, Michael Steinhardt and Ronald Lauder (President of the World Jewish Congress). Michael Steinhardt himself is an atheist, and believes that modern Jews should focus more on Zionist ideals than on the religious aspects of Jewish life. In 2009 Steinhardt gave the private American Hebrew Academy $5 million and an additional $125 million to Jewish causes. Researchers will probably find Steinhard’s investments include Israeli high tech firms. In fact, thanks to Don the real estate guy, investing in Israeli high tech start-ups has become so lucrative even Eric Prince of the former Blackwater PMC is investing.
    9/11 would have been orchestrated primarily by David Rockefeller & Co. because of the Twin Tower liability. Rockefeller’s CIA buddies (Alvin Krongard etc.; plus Henry Kissinger (Soviet agent), Maurice Greenberg and Ronald Lauder) would have subcontracted to various MI6 and Israeli Mossad personnel, so as to blur the origination. Ronald Lauder privatized Stewart Airport to the British company National Express Group was one component of 9/11. Selling the WTC lease to Larry Silverstein was another. David Rockefeller (Port Authority) had financial, logistical and legal problems, so he got lots of help. Huge international conspiracy. Lots of players, lots of beneficiaries. Whodunit? It’s like Murder on the Orient Express.
    There is increasing pressure on Israel and this is why Ronald Lauder is calling on the Jewish world to “act as one.” Our hope is American Jews will reject Lauder’s “call”, just like they will hopefully reject Mike Evens’ call to Jews discussed below. No, you don’t make a “call just to Jews”, you make a call to all of humanity before this goes too far and racist pitched battles break out first in Europe then in America. Or worse, full scale war breaks out with Iran as tensions continue to escalate between the US, China and Russia.
    Ronald Lauder calls on Jewish world to ‘unite as one’
    EU blasted for ever closer cooperation with terror regime in Israel
    Also included were a few more Jewish oligarchs mentioned in this republished EIR article below. The “father of Israeli Intelligence,” Isser Harrel (espionage covering intelligence and counter intelligence on Bolshevik KGB networks that came out of Russia into Israel then into America) foretold to journalist Christian-Zionist agent Michael Evans:
    My last question was would terrorism ever come to America? “You have the power to fight it,” he said, “but not the will. They have the will, but not the power. All of that will change in time. Yes, I fear it will come to New York and your tallest building, which is a symbol of your fertility.”
    Here is Mike Evens, who is Jewish by the way acting as an agent for Israel as a Christian-Zionist reconfirming American Christian-Zionist support for Israel and the constant threat of terrorism. The timing of both Mike Evens and Ronald Lauder appearing at the same time calling on solidarity with world Jewry is not coincidental. The reason why is because the Jewish lobby in America is weakening while simultaneously it is growing in ferocity in Britain.
    Dr. Mike Evans: Liberal left kills the soul, terrorists kill the body
    The Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT) was convened by the Jonathan Institute (developed the concept of international terrorism and the “war on terrorism” conceived at the JCIT conference) on 2-5 July 1979 at the Hilton Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel. It was “attended by about 700 guests, almost entirely citizens of Israel, UK and US,but with a few other Western Europeans.” It was followed up in 1984 by the more widely publicised Washington Conference on International Terrorism (WCIT) to coerce America into fighting the “war on terrorism”. Israel’s PM Benjamin Netenyahu organized the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism. Look what Israel and these networks have created in America where a law passed in Florida making it illegal to even criticize Israel. What is coming next is a law classifying anyone who criticizes Israel as a “terrorist.”

    From this point forward the Mega Group was formed, think tanks in the US began churning out policy study after policy study and book after book (everyone wants a piece of the action on the terrorist business model) on terrorism and the media was brought in to prepare the public for a “war on terrorism” culminating in the events of September 11, 2001. When the technological capacity was achieved to pull off the events of 9/11, the go ahead was given by the “Sanhedrin”. Everyone involved in these networks played their parts with Jewish sayanim working inside these toxic think tanks and institutions bending minds. Have readers ever wondered why it is that these people involved in these Zionist networks going back to Israel spend their entire professional lives preparing and planning for war? This might be instructive:
    The Tragedy of the Moses Connection to Christ
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    to read has nothing to do with being “antisemitic” or “critical of Israel” (antisemitic)
    That's the disclaimer most of the anti-semitic bloggers and anti-semitic groups that push their unverifiable conspiracy theories use.
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    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Since immigration is not mentioned this thread would be better suited for Other Topics than General Discussion. Moving now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MW View Post
    That's the disclaimer most of the anti-semitic bloggers and anti-semitic groups that push their unverifiable conspiracy theories use.
    I don't agree with that disclaimer at all too. I don't recognize this BOGUS CONCEPT of Anti-semitism. That's just a Jewish SCAM TERM that Jews use to deprive people of their FREE SPEECH RIGHTS in critisizing Israel/Jews/Jewry/Jewish Religion and anything Jewish. Jews CRITISIZE EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY!!!!! They're the MOST POLITICALLY ORGANIZED GROUP of people in this nation and they go after anything and anybody without any hesitation that they differ in opinion with and in most cases, feel are threatening their "GROUP INTEREST. Why can't THEY BE CRITISIZED????? I guess some people recognize the reality of "JEWISH SUPREMACY" which we are currently afflicted with in this nation and in Europe, BUT I DO NOT. I'm under the US Constitution which permits the FREE SPEECH these Communist Jewish CRIMINALS at the ADL want to take away from us.

    Anyway, I couldn't find any other article about this MEGA GROUP in Manhattan whom CONSPIRES to DESTROY this nation as an advanced White Western European Society because the group has remained in the shadows for decades now, so I used it as an example of how this SENATOR is 100% CORRECT in describing "WHO" is behind all the DESTRUCTION AND ROT in this nation. These people try to HIDE who they are and what their political aims are in the public realm behind this bogus term of ANTI-SEMITISM, but many times they conspire in SECRET and this is the #1. example of this. THESE LEFTIST ELITIST JEWISH SUPREMACIST CRIMINALS in MEGA are behind this EPSTEIN CHILD RAPE CASE and many members of this group are behind 9-11. Wexner of the Limited Group/Victorias Secret is the Syamin Mossad MEGA BUCKS traitor to this nation behind Epstein and 9-11 started with Ronald Lauder who lobbied the NY State legislature to have the Port Authority sell off the WTC to a private party which was already determined to be Larry Silverstein, who knew he would insure the WTC complex for terrorist attacks through CFR Hank Greenberg who at the time owned the AIG group. I would assume Hank Greenberg was/is a member of this MEGA GROUP also, but there's no evidence of this on the internet because this group is still just about SECRET and this wouldn't really matter anyway because these people all know each other through all the other countless Jewish groups that meet regularly in Manhattan anyway.
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