Alex Jones: Millennials are losing basic skills, making them susceptible to NWO control

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 by: Belle Carter
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(Natural News) InfoWars founder Alex Jones lamented how millennials are losing basic skills, making them susceptible to being controlled by the globalist New World Order (NWO).
According to the independent journalist, urban dwellers and liberal millennials are no longer learning these skills because of woke ideologies. Being used to the modern lifestyle makes them too vulnerable, he added, citing several headlines about this.
He mentioned articles that zoomed in on how millennials no longer drive due to their dependence on ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps. Jones added that the generation does not think owning a car is convenient because they already rely on self-driving vehicles.
“Millennials have a fundamentally different attitude toward cars than previous generations. We’re more likely to want to live in cities than suburbs, which makes owning a car more of an annoyance than a convenience. We’re more likely to use technology that makes it easier not to drive, whether that’s an app to track the subway in real time or find a bike share station,” Jones read from an article from Fast Company magazine.
Another article Jones read from Inc. magazine was headlined: “Why some millennials are lazy and entitled yet they may be the most successful generation of our time.” He also read another piece from the New York Post titled “Why lazy entitled millennials can’t last 90 days at work.”
Jones: Left celebrates worthlessness, frowns upon basic skills

“The more liberal you are and the more urban you are, the more you don’t know how to change a filter in your house [or] mow your yard; the more you don’t want to own anything; and the more you just accept the system that’s predatory. It’s cornering and domesticating you,” he pointed out.
He cited how some of the millennial generation have never shot a gun or been in a fistfight. Some do not know how to change a tire or how to unclog a toilet. They even lack the skills how to fry eggs or cook a steak because they have been depending on food delivery services.
“Their idea is Uber Eats. But when you don’t know how to grow food or cook food or fix the electricity or screw in a light bulb, the Left celebrates how worthless you are,” he said adding that people who have basic skills are even being laughed at and joked about. (Related: NOT a joke: 84% of 18-24 year olds don’t know how to change a light bulb… but they think they can run the economy?)
He said those “hillbillies” that the millennials and city people make fun of are engineers, some have spent decades in the military, have flown helicopters in combat and know how to build the building these liberals live in. Those “hillbillies” know how to run electricity, shoot a gun and grow a garden.
“I’ll take my hillbilly people any day over the domesticated folks that live in these crime-filled urban hellholes,” Jones remarked. “I don’t think of myself as elitist or better than them, I actually feel sorry for these people.”
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