American abortion group targets Africans, Catholics with their extreme population control agenda

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) In a blatant attempt to target Catholic, African medical students with U.S. Leftist population control “strategies,” an extremist pro-abortion front group, masked by their name, wants to “convert” everyone in the medical community who’s Black, Catholic, and even thinking of having babies, into soul-less abortionists and avid supporters of infanticide. It’s not just a political battle with the Catholic Church anymore, now it’s down to outright genocide, propaganda about global warming, and stirring enough emotional “fervor” to begin the total cessation of reproduction across Africa.
How to become an abortionist 101 – Population reduction and infanticide now being taught by Liberal freaks called “Catholics for Choice”

Get your free education right here! Step right up to the world’s largest genocide machine and watch Liberal elitists figure out new ways of murdering Black and religious people, and never even being charged with a crime. It’s the largest circus on Earth, and it’s funded by extremists called Democrats. How many Africans and Black Americans have no idea this is happening? Could it be 100, 200, or 300 million? Maybe it’s more like 1.2 billion, but we’ll have to ask the insidious Bill Gates to be sure. He’s got some new vaccines that might help the “Catholics for Choice” mission of population reduction.
Interested in aborting live, healthy human babies the day they are born? Read up on some new “literature” being spread by “Catholics for Choice.” After 50 years of the Catholic Church banning contraception, the U.S. Democrats have had just about enough of this crazy “family” thing that Catholic Africans seem to be engaged in and appreciating. So now, it’s time to teach those God-fearing peoples how to abort those babies and sell off the parts for cash, in that Planned Parenthood fashion.
As the Democrats in New York all toast to Margaret Sanger and legalized day-of-birth abortions, Catholics for Choice (CFC) are going after the most vulnerable people on the planet, those who are religious, of a minority, and who oppose abortion. As the Democrats of the United States celebrate that babies born alive that survive abortion must be left to die with no medical attention, since the parents don’t “want” them, Catholics for Choice have moved their operational marketing incentives into Africa, according to Ugandan medical students who unknowingly attended a seminar about “reproductive health” entitled, “Values Clarification Workshop” that turned into a brainwashing agenda focused on killing human babies in the womb.
Liberal extremists have created RE-EDUCATION CAMPS now functioning under the guise of “Values Clarification Workshop”

No, Adolf Hitler isn’t still alive, in case you were wondering. And no, you don’t get shot in the back of the head or gassed to death if you attend the CFC’s workshop on how to slaughter babies in the womb legally. It’s all about brainwashing though, just like with Nazi propaganda leaflets and films.
So why not go after the medical community that’s young and upcoming in Africa if you’re trying to reduce the world’s population by a few billion people? According to Liberals, it’s the best place to start, besides the inner cities of America.
And just how did CFC lure so many African medical students to their “seminar?” They had it for free at the most luxurious resort and 5-star hotel for a whole weekend. Yes, it’s time to clarify your values, because if you’re not into killing human babies, you’re doing it wrong, right?
The CFC prompts its victims by asking them, do you care to “challenge the power of the Catholic hierarchy?” Because if you’re even the least bit upset about abuse by Priests in churches across the world, you should also want to stop having babies, convince others to stop reproducing, and become the kind of doctor that can execute babies in the womb and on their day of birth, like we do in New York.
Catholics for Choice is an infanticide-promoting group based in Washington, D.C., functioning with over $3 million yearly. Their “Values Clarification Workshop” has absolutely nothing to do with women’s health or being Catholic. It’s pure manipulation. It’s no wonder they don’t also provide free prostitutes and cocaine at the weekend soiree, since that’s how elitist, population-control U.S. Democrats “do it up.”
Behold, the new indoctrination proclamation that “normalizes” killing babies in the womb. Their falsified Q&A informs their “students” that Catholics “the world over” support abortion and think it’s moral. CFC is convincing women that 50 years of banned contraception by the Vatican has enslaved women.
This translates into their ultimate target market of growing Catholic populations in the Congo and Malawi (which has doubled in 40 years). Are you religious, faithful, and planning a family? CFC can change all that in one luxurious weekend at their Values Re-Education Propaganda Workshop.
Welcome to the new millennial concentration camps, where you learn that humans are worthless, there is no God, and your baby has no soul. It’s all just more proof the U.S. medical system wants to pursue EUGENICS against Africans. Wake up and smell the burning corpses everybody. Tune in to for updates on the Democrats and their KKK initiative in Africa.

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