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    Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation/Resolutions

    Dear Patriots:

    WE, THE PEOPLE , are called to ACTION to declare our independence from tyranny and to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Operation Paul Revere is our Plan for Action. When you read this newsletter, get your Gadsden flag post cards ready and send them out. Americans, if not now when?

    Challenge: 1.2 Million Tea Partiers marched on Washington, 1.2 million postcards need to be sent to Congress weekly.

    Senator Rand Paul needs our help. I know you will all agree that Senator Paul has been a true advocate for liberty and has been a true ally to the grass roots movement. It is now time to show our appreciation and help Senator Paul. He has written a bill (S.2122) and if passed it will put a crimp in the overreach of the EPA. I a one page summary and alink to the entire bill and section by section summary.

    Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation/Resolutions | Agenda21Today

    Senator Paul will explain the importance of this bill and how we can help him get this bill passed. So be ready to put a plan of action in place to help support Senator Paul. We all have worked so hard at a local level trying to stop the assault on our property rights and the tenants of Agenda 21. How many times have we heard/said "If only DC would help us?" Well we have a chance to show DC the Tea Party is alive, well and stronger than ever while at the same time we can be a part of history and take the EPA down a peg or two.

    The conference bridge has unlimited call in ports so spread this to everyone you know. Lets make this TOWN HALL invitation go VI_RAL. PLEASE send the Town Hall flyer to EVERYONE you know. Post on Facebook, Twitter and as an event in your MeetUp/Website.

    NOTE: The number you use during the registration will be the number used to connect you to the Town Hall. If you miss the call you will not be able to join the Town Hall.

    Once you enter your contact information on our secure site, you will receive
    more information regarding Tuesday's -*town hall confidence call, including dial-*in
    information. Please share this link with your friends and colleagues anyone
    who wants to join the fight to stop the EPA in its tracks.

    The 1972 Clean Water Act gave the Environmental Protection Agency
    rights over most U.S. waterways.

    To register for the tele-*town hall conference call,
    please click on the following link TODAY: link to Rand Paul

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    Bill Summary

    S.2122: The Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2012
    CURRENT SPONSORS: Sens DeMint, Lee, Coburn, Ron Johnson, Hatch, Toomey

    S.2122 has been endorsed by FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity

    In 2005, Mike and Chantell Sackett of Idaho bought a plot of land and planned to build a home in
    a neighborhood where other houses have stood for years. Four years ago they filled the
    property with dirt and rock, preparing to begin construction. Three federal officials showed up
    and demanded they halt construction claiming the lot was a wetland, protected under the Clean
    Water Act. The EPA demanded that the property be returned to its original state, requiring that
    tens of thousands of dollars be spent to remove fill material and replant vegetation. The
    Sacketts faced $75,000 in daily fines if they did not comply, and criminal liability if they
    continued construction. The case of Sackett v. EPA was heard before the Supreme Court on
    January 9, 2012.

    The Sacketts case is not unique. Thousands of property owners across America are facing similar
    aggressive action from the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers, with no legal means to fight back.
    Together, the EPA and the Army Corps have become rogue agencies, threatening the Constitutional
    rights of landowners to do what they please with their own property. In fact, the Army Corps spends
    $193 million a year just to prosecute law-*‐ abiding citizens like the Sacketts.

    Senator Rand Paul has introduced the Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2012 to bring
    common sense back to federal water policy. The bill will do the following:

    Redefine "navigable waters" to explicitly clarify that waters must be actually navigable n fact, or "permanent, standing or continuously flowing bodies of water that form geological features commonly known as streams, oceans, rivers and lakes that are connected to waters that are navigable-*‐ in-*‐ fact.
    Excludes ephemeral or intermittent streams the streams that sometimes form when rain falls-from federal jurisdiction.
    Restrains the EPA and the Army Corps from regulating or "interpreting" the definition of a navigable water without Congressional authorization.
    Protects the rights of states to have primary authority over the land and water within their borders.
    Prohibits federal agents from entering private property without the express consent of the landowner.
    Requires the government to pay double the value of the land to any landowner whose property value is diminished by a wetlands designation.

    Environmental protection must be balanced with the fundamental American right to private property.
    The Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2012 will restore common sense to federal jurisdiction
    over navigable waters, and place reasonable limitations on agencies that have become dangerously out
    of control.
    For more information or to cosponsor, please contact Rachel Bovard at or at x46675.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ****************

    Socialism Alert, Remember names get changed as soon as the old one becomes negative. New names for Socialism: Collectivism or Communatarianism

    Socialism violates private property

    Socialism calls for "redistributing the wealth" by taking from the "rich" to give to the poor.

    It imposes taxes that punish those who have been able to take greater advantage of their productive talents, capacity to work or thrift.

    It uses taxation, grants and subsidies to promote eco*nomic and social egalitarianism, a goal that will be fully achieved, according to The Communist Manifesto, with the "abo*lition of private property.“

    Capitalism embraces private property, often leveraging private property as collateral for expansion

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Call your FED Congressmen and Senators- tell them the Keystone pipeline is a National Security issue, not only a economic issue and to pass whatever legislation that is needed to get the pipeline done.

    Use your postcards, call and email

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    There are 5 Radical Islamic Schools in Florida. How many in you state? Texas Education Agency - Donna Garner, AgEnder read more

    Liberty Action

    SEND POSTCARDS to your State Ed Committee legislators and your Governor's office.

    Stop using taxpayer money for Gulen Schools. This petition is a must. Petition Opposing Shariah Law in American

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    Sheriff Mack joins the AgEnders with a training program for Sheriffs. Your sheriff is the key. Join Sheriff Mack at

    Supporting Peace Officers Uniting to End State & Federal Tyranny - County Sheriff Project

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________
    Listen to Karen Schoen on American Freedom Watch Radio on
    Tuesdays 3-4 EST, 2-3CST, 1-2MST, 1-12PST
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________
    The most dangerous communist in America read
    The Soros Files

    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________
    Your challenge: Find one document in the United Nations that says Freedom
    SEND POSTCARDS to your legislators - Get the UN out of the US, get the UN out of the UN
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________
    End Political Correctness-Tell the truth, Remember: Not to Speak is to Speak, Not to Act is to Act!

    Political Correctness is the death of liberty. Silence is unacceptable, just ask any immigrant.

    America is worth saving - SEND POSTCARDS

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________


    Buy American products, Demand American Customer service...

    STOP eating food from uninspected overseas farms and fisheries. Buy American.

    Stop buying from Retailers like Office Depot, Progressive Ins that donates big time to Progessives...

    Pass out flyers in your neighborhood. You can hand out 10 a day. If you can't not to worry, the Obama Team will. They won the election that way. Make a flyer from this email. Get it out in your neighborhood.

    Send this email out to everyone you know.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    Want to hold a conference, need a speaker, contact us:

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    This link is partilcularly interesting.

    The Soros Files
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Ocean County, New Jersey, Blasts UN Agenda 21 in Resolution | Print |
    Written by Alex Newman
    Friday, 09 March 2012 10:02

    In yet another victory for liberty-minded activists, local lawmakers in Ocean County, New Jersey, approved a stinging resolution last month blasting the United Nations’ highly controversial Agenda 21, a radical plan to foist so-called “sustainable development” on Americans by stealth.

    Communities across America are fighting back against the international program and its tentacles in ever-increasing numbers. And in January, even the Republican National Committee adopted a resolution strongly condemning Agenda 21 and vowing to fight it.

    Similarly, the Ocean County legislators — known in New Jersey as the “Board of Chosen Freeholders” — recognized that the nature of the UN plan is “destructive and insidious,” using much of the language from the RNC statement. The county resolution also noted that approval or implementation of Agenda 21 “would ultimately destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America.”

    “This United Nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so-called 'sustainable development' views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, and privately owned farms; all as destructive to the environment," the resolution states, echoing the RNC measure.

    And it is insidious in several ways, county officials said in the document. “According to Agenda 21 policy, social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment which would be accomplished by socialist/communist redistribution of wealth,” the resolution explains.

    As such, local officials in Ocean County voted to urge the U.S. Senate — which must ratify all international treaties — to abandon any potential consideration of the UN Agenda 21 scheme. While noting that no level of government in the U.S. was legally bound by the treaty because it had not been ratified, the resolution also urged officials across the nation to be well informed about its harmful implications.

    Certified copies of the measure, approved by the Board on February 15, “shall” be sent to President Obama, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and the state’s U.S. House and Senate delegations. The resolution approved by the RNC was sent to all GOP members of and candidates for Congress, as well as all state Republican parties.

    According to the recently approved resolution in New Jersey, citizens in Ocean County and across America have raised serious concerns about the UN-inspired schemes, warning that Agenda 21 represents “extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control.”

    Those concerned Americans noted that the plan is being covertly imposed on local communities through a global UN front group known as ICLEI – formerly called International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives. The non-profit group, which advocates a broad array of controversial policies at all levels of government, collects massive amounts of taxpayer money.

    “Agenda 21 attempts to erode local control found in our communities across the nation, and turns home and regional rule over to a global agenda set by the United Nations,” the resolution points out. “Critical issues such as the environment should remain within the purview of local governments of the United States, elected by the people, with a strong knowledge of local concerns and issues, not within the confines of a bureaucratic international treaty developed by the United Nations.”

    Tea Party groups and a broad coalition of national organizations have mobilized in recent years to put a stop to Agenda 21 and related infringements on liberty. And lawmakers across America have responded, dropping ICLEI and being careful to avoid becoming entangled in its programs. Dozens of communities throughout the nation have already ended their membership in the programs in recent years, and a new wave of withdrawals is expected in 2012.

    But as ICLEI and Agenda 21 come under increasing scrutiny and pressure, the so-called “establishment” is fighting back. The UN, for example, dispatched tax-funded propagandists to paint the schemes as harmless and its opponents as silly. ICLEI itself has jumped in the fray, too, branding opponents of the scheme as “vehement” and — ludicrously, analysts say — as opposed to prosperity.

    The New York Times, meanwhile, also tried to hide the true nature of the plan in a recent article detailing the battle against ICLEI. And as the spotlight on the UN schemes grows stronger, more and more “news” articles bashing critics of Agenda 21 have continued to appear across the country.

    The infamous but largely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical attack-dog outfit widely derided as an anti-liberty "communistic hate group" with extremist tendencies, highlighted the organizations and individuals it blames for arousing opposition to Agenda 21: “The John Birch Society, an archconservative group formed during the Red Scare of the 1950s … Tom DeWeese, head of the American Policy Center, Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the anti-feminist Eagle Forum, and John Bush, with Texans for Accountable Government.”

    Indeed, all of those groups have been active in educating citizens about the UN’s goals. But for the most part, anti-Agenda 21 activists — supporters of property rights, national sovereignty, individual liberty, economic prosperity, and more — have simply pointed to the global body’s own documents and history.

    Consider just one statement among many by a chief architect of the UN plan: "Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class — involving high meat intake, the use of fossil fuels, electrical appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning and suburban housing — are not sustainable," claimed Earth Summit Secretary-General Maurice Strong as he ushered in Agenda 21 two decades ago.

    A city councilman in College Station, Texas, recently authored a stinging rebuke of Agenda 21 and ICLEI pointing, again, to the organization’s own documents. “It is an insidious, extreme institution that does not represent our citizens, and for our taxpayers to continue to fund it would be ridiculous,” noted Councilman Jess Fields in a piece celebrating the city’s withdrawal from ICLEI late last month.

    As in Texas, Agenda 21 is becoming a hot political issue in New Jersey. Local Tea Party groups have been working feverishly to expose the plan. A speaker this year explaining the true nature of Agenda 21 to local activists even attracted four local mayors. Citizens have been expressing alarm in countless letters to the editor as well. And political candidates have made the issue a high priority in their campaigns.

    Meanwhile, lawmakers in Tennessee have introduced bills to deal with Agenda 21 and its effects on local communities. One bill, which describes the “radical” UN scheme as a push for “socialist/communist redistribution of wealth,” simply condemns Agenda 21. Another measure introduced in the legislature recently would actually protect local communities from the international plot, according to supporters.

    The UN will hold its next “sustainability” conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this June — 20 years after the first Earth Summit in 1992 unveiled Agenda 21. And while the global body and many of its totalitarian-minded member governments around the world have high hopes for the summit, opposition — especially in the U.S. — is growing rapidly.

    Related articles:

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    County in Washington Ditches Sustainable Development

    Pennsylvania County Rejects Agenda 21

    Edmond Oklahoma Dumps Agenda 21

    Maryland County Cancels Agenda 21 Participation

    UN's Green Economy May Cost $2.5 Trillion a Year

    Ambitious UN Sustainability Conference in Rio to Avoid Climate Talk

    Ocean County, New Jersey, Blasts UN Agenda 21 in Resolution

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