Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

Incredibly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad refuse to bring a budget to the Senate floor before the 2012 elections! This ongoing fiscal disaster is being orchestrated by spendthrift leftists and ultimately hands the Obama administration a blank check. Plus, it puts the Democrat-controlled Senate on the wrong side of constitutional law.

Liberty Counsel Action is demanding that Congress perform its duty to “Pass a Budget Now!” See my urgent message below – Mat.

Article I of the U.S. Constitution requires Congress to pass a federal budget. Despite the clear priority the Constitution gives to maintaining discipline in federal spending, the last time Congress enacted a budget was April 29, 2009 – almost 3 years ago!

Further underscoring the crucial importance of fiscal control, the Congressional Budget Act requires the president to submit a budget to Congress by February 1 every year. Under federal law, the House and Senate are mandated to reach agreement on a concurrent budget resolution by April 15 of each year.

But this administration has made a MOCKERY of this crucial requirement:

President Obama’s last half-hearted attempt to submit a budget was defeated by the Senate 97-0 (yes, even Senate Democrats easily saw through the President’s sham effort).

Operating under this administration’s total disregard for budget constraints, the United States has now surpassed $5 trillion in total national debt.

The U.S. national debt now exceeds a liability of over $138,000 for every American taxpayer.

The U.S. unfunded liabilities debt (promised future obligations) now exceeds $118.5 trillion, a debt of over $1 million per U.S. taxpayer (did you know that you and your children and grandchildren were on the line for that kind of debt?).

Honestly, these debt numbers are so staggering as to be beyond comprehension. Unless changes are immediately made, our national debt will be DOUBLE the size of our gross domestic economy in short order!

Tragically, the United States is well established on the path to complete financial ruin.

++The Senate isn’t even TRYING to pass a budget anymore!

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid recently called the idea of passing a budget “foolish.” Soon-to-be-retiring Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad indicated it would be too much work for the Senate to develop, propose, and pass a budget through a divided Senate.

The Senate is moving from emergency extension to emergency extension, which the Democratic leadership has termed, “good enough.”

Fortunately, there are some Senators who haven’t succumbed to the fiscal insanity displayed by the Democrat majority. Senator Jeff Sessions recently took his colleagues to task…

“If you won’t tell the American people where you’re going to spend the money, how much debt you’re going to run up, how much spending you’re going to cut or not cut, then I don’t think the American people ought to send another dime to this place. Not another dime!”

++We agree with Senator Sessions and join him in taking his colleagues to task!

Liberty Counsel Action is calling on the United States Congress to fulfill its constitutional duty and propose a workable budget NOW!

We are demanding fiscal transparency and accountability!

We are demanding that the U.S. federal government do what American families and businesses are forced to do – live within a budget!

If we fail to speak out with as much energy as possible, we will share responsibility for not calling our elected representatives to task for this economic disaster! “We the People” MUST take action!

Click here to sign Liberty Counsel Action’s “Pass a Budget Now!” petition:

Liberty Counsel Action

The “Pass a Budget Now!” petition states, in part…

We, the undersigned, know that the United States Senate has not enacted a budget since April 2009! We demand that you, our elected representatives, adhere to the Constitution and pass a budget, reign in federal spending, and demonstrate fiscal accountability to the American people.

Click here to read and sign the petition:
Liberty Counsel Action

Liberty Counsel Action

This administration and Congress need to be told in no uncertain terms that Americans insist they STOP unnecessary spending and STOP raising taxes! That’s why Liberty Counsel Action is launching this massive petition drive and insisting that Congress listen to the American people!

In our upcoming 2012 Voter Guide, Liberty Counsel Action will also hold our Senators and Representatives who have blatantly ignored the Constitution accountable. We believe the Senate’s and the Obama administration’s “no budget this year” tactic will badly backfire in the fall elections.

++This is the biggest fiscal crisis in American history!

Where is the outrage and sense of “clear and present danger” at the willful destruction of our nation’s economy?

The government MUST immediately cease out-of-control spending, borrowing, and printing ever more currency, all of which seriously devalues the dollar and our credit rating.

To that end, we resolutely insist that Congress create and pass a workable budget. We are calling for strict accountability for each of our nation’s lawmakers.

Go here to sign our powerful new “Pass a Budget Now!” petition, which will be hand delivered to key congressional offices at strategic times in the coming days:

Liberty Counsel Action

kathye, it will take YOU and hundreds of thousands of your like-minded citizens to insist that Congress “Pass a Budget Now!” for liberal Washington lawmakers to finally get the picture. And we must not allow more conservative lawmakers to be swayed or coerced by Harry Reid’s powerful political machine.

This is a fiscal emergency of the first order!

I urge you to take a moment to sign this important petition now. Thank you, as always, for your faithfulness!

God bless you,
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Obama administration co-conspirators are playing fast and loose with constitutional budget requirements and our nation’s future! They are actually refusing to enact a budget in spite of the clear legal requirements that they do so!

America is facing complete economic collapse unless change comes quickly. Together, we must demand that Congress “Pass a Budget Now!” Click here to sign the petition:

Liberty Counsel Action

Liberty Counsel Action