How socialism turned Venezuela from the wealthiest country in South America into an economic basket case

Published January 26, 2019

“Venezuela was once the wealthiest country in South America, but in recent years millions have fled the country amid mass starvation and violence after socialist policies were enacted and government seized private industries.”

The article continues:

“Despite that situation in Venezuela, polls show Americans warming to the term “socialism” in recent years.

Venezuelans who have fled their country warn that their country’s history shows what others must watch for and avoid.”

And later in the article we find this chilling warning!

“However, after several Supreme Court rulings went against Chavez, in 2004 he “stacked the court” by passing a law to add 12 new justices to it – justices that he got to pick.”

So, what has the Democrat Leadership stated about packing the S.C. and ending the filibuster should they gain political power?

“Everything Is On The Table”



Forewarned is forearmed! May God bless America.


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