Biden finds another $300 million in arms to send to Ukraine while Pentagonís own stockpile runs bare

03/14/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1.2K Views

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Even though our own national stockpile here in the United States is running dry, the Biden regime has somehow come up with another $300 million worth of arms to send over to their buddies in Ukraine.Despite the U.S. defense budget already being overdrawn to the tune of $10 billion, the Biden regime scraped the bottom of the barrel to "magically" come up with hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of new weapons for Volodymyr Zelensky and his dying regime.
According to reports, the Pentagon will "rush" the $300 million stockpile of weapons to Ukraine straightaway, this after "finding some cost savings in its contracts," citing "errors" in the accounting.
"It's the Pentagon's first announced security package for Ukraine since December, when it acknowledged it was out of replenishment funds," reports further explain.
"It wasn't until recent days that officials publicly acknowledged they weren't just out of money to buy replacement weapons Ė they are $10 billion overdrawn."
(Related: If Ukraine loses, NATO will go to war against Russia, says the Pentagon's Lloyd Austin.)
Ukraine is losing

In a statement, national security adviser Jake Sullivan revealed that Ukraine no longer has the arms and ammo necessary to keep Russia at bay, which is why these emergency measures are taking place.
"When Russian troops advance and its guns fire, Ukraine does not have enough ammunition to fire back," Sullivan complained about why the $300 million arms infusion is necessary.
The American people, meanwhile, are expected to skip breakfast, walk to work and maybe eat a few bugs due to crippling inflation while their government sends every last penny over to Zelensky to fight a losing war against Russia.
Were the U.S. itself to be attacked right now by, say, communist China, there would not be enough munitions ready to protect this nation Ė but at least Ukraine is taken care of, right?
"In a U.S. fight with China, American forces will likely burn through munition stocks within three weeks," warned RealClearDefense back in December.
"Even with a surge of the U.S. industrial base, replenishing stocks will take more than six months. In the interim, the U.S. will be without sufficient bombs and bullets for its cutting-edge systems, such as fifth-generation fighter jets and High Mobility Rocket Launcher Systems, and anti-air missiles needed to protect our nuclear aircraft carriers and bases in the Pacific."
Israel is also on the dole of the Pentagon's stockpile. Last year, Washington took an unprecedented step when it sent 155mm rounds from its stockpile to the Zionist state, along with hundreds of thousands of the same rounds to Ukraine.
The ruling class in Washington cares more about Ukraine and Israel than it does about Americans, in other words. Let them eat cake, they say as the cake rises in price faster than wages due to inflation.
"What NATO and Zelensky have steered Ukraine into is a travesty," noted one commenter about the Ukrainian people who are just collateral damage in the billionaire banker war. "It's a lost generation, all for nothing."
"The Pentagon hasn't completed a successful audit for the past decade, yet the accountants are able to 'magically' find $300 million in inventory," said another. "That seems about right in the land of the swamp."
"Here I was today excited that I would be able to afford flying my family of three to Denver for a weekend," wrote another. "We'd have to stretch the budget, but it's doable. Meanwhile, I've paid tens of thousands of dollars in taxes this year so that the people pulling puppet Joe's strings can send a billion or so more dollars to Ukraine. It truly puts a sickening feeling in my stomach."
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Biden finds another $300 million in arms to send to Ukraine while Pentagonís own stockpile runs bare Ė