Biden Regime Sends Thousands of Troops Back to Afghanistan, Proving That the Pull Out was Fake All Along

Aug 13, 2021

In the last 24 hours Afghan Special Security Forces killed twelve Daesh fighters in Nangarhar, and a Taliban commander in Shahid-E Hasa, Uruzgan. In addition, they also arrested one Haqqani insurgent in Paghman, Kabul. ASSF continues to disrupt and degrade insurgent operations, diminishing their freedom-of-movement and improving security for the citizens of Afghanistan (Navy Photo bt Lt. Cmdr. Kathryn Gray)
The Biden regime has sent thousands of troops back to Afghanistan, presumably to prevent the Taliban from taking over the country, and showing that the announced pull out was always pyrrhic.
“We expect to draw down to a core diplomatic presence in Afghanistan in the coming weeks,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said to reporters.

“In order to facilitate this reduction, the Department of Defense will temporarily deploy additional personnel to Hamid Karzai International Airport,” he added.
The Biden administration is trying to spin that they are sending more troops in order to eventually reduce their presence in the nation. This is a highly dubious claim considering the Pentagon’s record of starting endless wars since 9/11.

Price also talked out of both sides of his mouth, claiming that the U.S. forces would remain occupying Afghanistan for the long haul.
“Let me be very clear about this: The embassy remains open, and we plan to continue our diplomatic work in Afghanistan,” Price said.

“The United States will continue to support consular services, and that includes the processing and operations of the Special Immigrant Visa program,” he continued. “And we’ll continue to engage in diplomacy with the Afghan government and the Afghan people. Additionally, we will continue our focus on counterterrorism.”
“We are always reviewing the environment and especially complex operating environments, and of course that includes Kabul,” Price added.
Big League Politics has reported on how the media and the political class have fear mongered about the Taliban in order to justify endless war in Afghanistan despite no chance at success:
“Democrats are seizing upon a fake news report alleging that Russia has funded Taliban mercenaries to kill U.S. soldiers in order to make it more difficult for troops to be pulled from Afghanistan, thus undermining President Trump’s foreign policy agenda.

The House Armed Services Committee voted on Wednesday to make it more difficult for Trump to pull troops out of Afghanistan. It would force several certifications to be met before Trump could bring troops home. Republicans in the committee joined the Democrats to undermine Trump with the approval of this National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) amendment.
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the neoconservative who supports Bush-era globalism, said the measure “lays out, in a very responsible level of specificity, what is going to be required if we are going to in fact make decisions about troop levels based on conditions on the ground and based on what’s required for our own security, not based on political timelines.” It was approved by a 45-11 vote.
The amendment requires an assessment to determine whether or not “state actors have provided any incentives to the Taliban, their affiliates, or other foreign terrorist organizations for attacks against United States, coalition, or Afghan security forces or civilians in Afghanistan in the last two years, including the details of any attacks believed to have been connected with such incentives” before troops can be removed from the country…
The defense industry is pushing the Russia bogeyman yet again, in order to create xenophobic outrage and a pretense to keep troops occupying in the region. The Pentagon has reported that Russia is trying to expedite the removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, but they are painting this news as if it is a bad thing.”
Afghanistan has been a 20-year disaster, and the U.S. foreign policy establishment will never allow troops to be truly removed from the country. Profits for the defense contractors are what’s important and putting servicemen through the meat grinder is what the military-industrial complex does best.

Biden Regime Sends Thousands of Troops Back to Afghanistan, Proving That the Pull Out was Fake All Along - Big League Politics