Big Tech censorship of vitamin D as covid treatment KILLED 116,000 Americans so far, warns the Health Ranger, who was banned by YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for telling the TRUTH

Friday, November 25, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) In his Nov. 21, 2022, Situation Update, the Health Ranger discussed a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports which claims 116,000 American lives could have been saved from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) death had these individuals taken more immune-boosting vitamin D.
Not only that, but another four million “cases” of the Fauci Flu could have avoided hospitalization or injury had these people known that optimizing vitamin D levels through regular sun exposure or supplementation is absolutely critical for maintaining health and well-being.
“The research on this was known by Trump administration people, by Biden, by Fauci, the CDC, the NIH, the AMA, the AAFP and truly the FDA as well: they knew that vitamin D saved lives and they decided to suppress it,” the Health Ranger explained – watch below.
“And this shows that Dr. Eric Nepute is correct, and he’s being sued for half a trillion dollars by the DoJ over this.”

Nepute, in case you missed it, faces federal charges for selling supplements out of his chiropractic business that contain vitamin D, as well as other immune-boosting nutrients such as zinc. More on that is available in our earlier coverage.
How many Americans are needlessly getting sick and dying because they’re vitamin D deficient?

It is truly a shame that the government withheld the truth about vitamin D from the American public throughout the scamdemic. Many people already know about it, but many others do not – and had they known, they could have avoided the worst of it.
Not only that, but Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter actively censored accounts that drew attention to vitamin D as a viable remedy for the Fauci Flu. The Health Ranger is one of them, though Natural News has been banned from social media for many years now.
“The censorship of people like myself and others like Dr. Joseph Mercola cost the lives of 116,000 Americans that we know of so far,” the Health Ranger said. “Because without censorship, we would have been very successful at getting out the message on vitamin D and zinc and quercetin and ivermectin.”
“Organically, we would have reached half the country. We could have saved millions of people from being hospitalized or injured and many, probably hundreds of thousands, from dying, because I think this number of 116,000 people is low.”
If you have been reading our site for some time now, then you probably already know that the government is nowhere to be found when it comes to actually helping everyday Americans stay healthy. In fact, government agencies work overtime to withhold the truth while prosecuting and persecuting those who dare to share it.
Thankfully, this new study in Scientific Reports speaks for itself. It is science, after all, and the peer-reviewed kind – meaning it is just as good as any other “science” that the government peddles to promote pharmaceutical drugs instead of natural remedies.
According to the study, about half the country currently has “suboptimal” serum levels of vitamin D. If everyone was boosted into the optimal range through natural sunlight exposure or supplementation, imagine how much less common chronic illness and early death would be!
“The Feds are going to make an example out of Nepute,” wrote one Natural News commenter about the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) witch hunt against this vitamin D advocate.
“There is nothing like a crooked government to show you just how evil works its nasty outcomes,” wrote another.
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Big Tech censorship of vitamin D as covid treatment KILLED 116,000 Americans so far, warns the Health Ranger, who was banned by YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for telling the TRUTH –