It's getting bad out there. Conservatives and Christians need to act now or forever lose our freedoms.

Censorship is here. It’s not being reported by mainstream media because they’re in on it. It’s much bigger than social media “platforms” banning conservatives or news outlets forbidding discussions of vaccines or voter fraud. If this sounds like conspiracy theories you’ve heard about in the past, that’s because the warning signs were there. Many of us simply didn’t heed them.

I saw it happening with “fringe” folks like Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and Gavin McInnes and thought, like so many, that Big Tech was just going after the most extreme personalities. Then, the creep started. Even before the pandemic, we began noticing controversial but otherwise non-fringe personalities and stories getting censored, social media pages being banned, and topics being made taboo on mainstream media. Once the pandemic hit and the world started going crazy, we witness the rapid acceleration of this censorship to the point that today many conservative commentators go to extreme measures to not anger the “fact checkers,” Big Tech, or mainstream media “arbiters of truth.”

It’s time to fight back, and we will do that, but first it’s important to make sure as many patriots are as prepared as possible. The radical left is trying to cut us off from each other. Divided, we are weaker. And when we are unable to share the information that’s important for the future of America, their nefarious plans are more likely to succeed.

Democrats are working very hard to advance censorship as well. There are already pieces of legislation being discussed that will hamper our abilities to communicate as “misinformation” is being targeted the same way “hate speech” has been in recent years. They want to quash us if we’re willing to talk about topics that run contrary to their approved narrative and they’re willing to legislate their way around our free speech.

Here are five things everyone should do to prepare for the battle against censorship:

Transition to freer speech platforms

There was a promise that came with the rise of sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The sharing of information and connecting of people across the world to discuss anything from goulash recipes to quantum physics showed us the potential of mass engagement. Most of us fell for the trap by putting our efforts into platforms that have now turned against our ideologies.

Whether instantly or over time, we must detach from these platforms and transition to “freer” speech alternatives like Gab, Parler, Rumble, Locals, Minds, Telegram (though they have been embracing more censorship lately), and others. Some would say we should stay away from these platforms as well, but the promise of social media is still there. Connecting with like-minded folks and amplifying the important messages the world needs to hear are still worthy endeavors.

We must assume the Big Tech platforms will ramp up their purge against us and act accordingly. NOQ Report, Freedom First Network, and ACM have already lost two YouTube Channels; two Twitter accounts; shows on Spotify, Transistor, and Captivate; a Medium account; and 95% of our reach on Facebook. This is one of the reasons we’re transitioning to the aforementioned “freer” speech platforms and why we’re advancing our newsletter. We’re even in the process of seeking a safer newsletter provider.
We recommend you all do the same or similar.

Back up important documents on a hard drive

The cloud was pretty amazing. It allowed us to access our files from any of our devices. It kept them safe if we lost our devices or hard drives. But many of us became too dependent on it. Now, we’re beholden to companies like Google, Amazon, and DropBox.

If you do not have your files, especially your important ones, backed up to a localized hard drive, you definitely should do so. In fact, it’s a best practice to take the documents that are important to you and print out hard copies. You never know when anything digital can be completely wiped out, both locally and on the cloud. And, you never know when important lists or credentials may be banned unceremoniously by Big Tech.
Subscribe to patriotic newsletters

One of the reasons we’re pushing our newsletter now is because for many publications, getting out on social media is a challenge. Some are outright banned from being shared (and I’m sure that will happen to us eventually). Email isn’t perfect and is definitely subject to censorship, but right now it’s still safer than social or mainstream media.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of newsletters based solely on the amount of time I spend on email. I try to minimize it. But with the purge of conservative ideologies happening online, keeping in communication with each other is so important.

Stop using Google

If you take one piece of advice from this post, it’s this: Stop using Google. They are arguably the worst of the worst among a bunch of bad Big Tech companies because they wield their tremendous power like a chainsaw against any ideas that run contrary to the accepted narrative. One of our YouTube channels was banned for talking about blood clot issues associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine literally hours before the CDC issued their own warnings. Appealing the decision to ban us for the fact-based video that was vindicated by the scientists they claim to love didn’t work.

They’re getting worse every day. Personally, I use DuckDuckGo for all of my searches and I’ve been systematically eliminating anything I can that’s associated with Google. It isn’t just the censorship. Their privacy issues are some of the worst. Remember, if you use Google, YOU are their product that they sell for huge profits to whomever they choose.

Pick up the phone or meet in person

This isn’t for everyone, but I really wish it was. Technology has given us the tools to connect more easily but it has also made many of us reliant upon it. There was a time when we used to meet every week with two local conservative groups. Those meetings have gone virtual due to the pandemic and only one of them has returned to its previous in-person status.

We need to be connecting, just as we need to have fellowship directly at church or visit our parents and grandparents regularly. Sending emails of pictures on Facebook are weak approximations of real world interactions. Talking directly to people is healthy and necessary, perhaps now more than ever.

The same goes for phone conversations. Hearing someone’s voice is much more powerful than reading their words in an email. We need these connections as humans and we definitely need these connections going forward as conservatives. Someday soon, they may be our only options.

The radical left (and even many in the center and on the right) are doing everything they can to censor us from discussing the truth. We must stand together. If not, the divide that they’re creating will only get worse over time.

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