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Thread: Blacks For Trump Speak Out

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    Blacks For Trump Speak Out

    Youtube video

    Blacks For Trump Speak Out

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    Millennial Millie
    Published on Sep 2, 2018

    At the recent Trump rally in Evansville, Indiana black voters share personal testimonies about how the Trump administration has positively impacted their lives.

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    Black Americans who aren't fooled by the democrats' propaganda. This is awesome!!! I love it!!!

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    It's so wonderful, I love it, too, Six Million Dollar Man. It's one of the greatest aspects of this Presidency, what it is doing for all the forgotten excluded Americans. These black workers have been so mistreated for so many years, it is really fantastic to see this changing so much for the better. I hope more black Americans get this message so they know that they do matter, they are important, they are loved, and start looking for jobs if they don't have one, and looking for better jobs if they have one but it's not all that they want. This is the time for them to take back their neighborhoods, their jobs, their opportunities and soar with this economy and the particular way that Trump is making it work for ALL AMERICANS.

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    More black people need to see this. Most rely on the fake news, which brainwashes them to be irrational, and support illegal immigration which is devastating their communities. In other words, they are being brainwashed by democrats to commit suicide.

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