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Thread: Parents of Pro-Trump Son Killed In Auto Accident Speak At Rally:Vote For Trump

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    Parents of Pro-Trump Son Killed In Auto Accident Speak At Rally:Vote For Trump

    Parents Of Pro-Trump Son Killed In Auto Accident Speak At Rally: Vote For Trump In Riley's Honor

    Ian Schwartz

    November 4, 2016

    The parents of Hugh "Riley" Rone took the stage at Trump event to speak about their deceased son's support of the Republican nominee for president. Rone was killed in a motorcycle accident on the New Jersey Turnpike on May 31, 2016. The Rones are natives of South Amboy, NJ.

    Read his obituary here.

    Barbara Zawistowski Rone, Riley's mother, was invited on stage by Trump at a rally in Hersey, Penn. Friday night and gave an extremely moving and impassioned endorsement of the candidate in her son's honor. Rone also spoke about how her son campaigned for Trump and of his attempts to convert friends to support the candidate.

    "When there were 17, he said Mr. Trump is the nominee. When there was one nominee, Mr. Trump, Riley said Mr. Trump would be president," Riley's mother said.

    "In Riley's obituary, Mr. Trump was mentioned because Riley loved or loves Mr. Trump. His funeral was over 200 cars, he had very dedicated friends, there were signs, flags for Mr. Trump. Riley's grave marker has Mr. Trump name on it and the Statue of Liberty because he loves America," Mrs. Rone shared.

    Rone's mother noted a motorcycle group has pledged to donate a brick to the The Wall, if it gets built, in honor of her son. She also spoke about an emotional phone call she had with Trump where he said he would trade millions he owned if she could have her son back.

    His friend wrote Trump a letter to get his attention, and it worked.

    (See Letter at Link)

    Barbara Zawistowski Rone:

    When Mr. Trump received the letter, he wrote us a very personal letter regarding family and Riley. We never expected to hear from Mr. Trump, we don't know Mr. Trump, he does not know us. He does now.

    Within weeks of the letter, we received a phone call from his office asking would we take a phone call from Mr. Trump. We were watching FOX News and Mr. Trump was in Florida. He was sweating profusely in an airport hangar complaining of 114 degree weather. We watched him leave the stage, and within minutes our phone rang. It was Mr. Trump. He is amazing. He spent a good amount of time on the phone and it was very personal, I will not share what said, but I will share that Mr. Trump said that if it costs millions, he would give everything he owned if it would bring my Riley back.

    What kind of man is this? What kind of man who is running for the highest office in our land, the president of the United States-- he takes out the time from his campaign to call us...

    Now, all you mothers out there, I want you to put yourself in our shoes for one minute. You fathers, too. I want you to please, please vote for Mr. Donald Trump in my son's honor.

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    When Trump wins...set up a Go Fund Me "Brick in the Wall" campaign...many millions of AMERICAN'S will donate


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    Bless their hearts...sorry for their loss and all those who have lost loved ones to Criminal Trespassing Illegal Aliens.

    This is so preventable, I am SICK of our corrupt lawless politicians allowing this invasion of our Country killing our citizens Inexcusable, disgusting and pathetic! And that goes for ALL those who employ them...shame on you! You are responsible for this too!

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