Blatant propaganda: Green billionaires are paying scriptwriters to promote CLIMATE ALARMISM in TV shows and movies

03/07/2024 // Ava Grace // 260 Views

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Green billionaires appear to be bankrolling Hollywood writers to push climate alarmism in film and television scripts.
According to Watts Up With That, these green billionaires are using the Los Angeles-based Good Energy for this climate brainwashing. The group has reportedly told writers that showing anger, depression, grief or other emotion in relation to the climate crisis, "can only make characters more relatable." To further push this climate alarmism to the media-consuming masses, it has published a so-called playbook to incorporate these narratives into movies and TV shows.
Good Energy's efforts to push climate alarmism in Hollywood wouldn't be possible without billionaire backing. The article aptly named these backers – Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Sierra Club, and the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF). The CEF incidentally bankrolls activists from Just Stop Oil, who have gained notoriety for defacing artworks with orange paint and blocking roads. (Related: Climate change is being exploited by “mega billionaires” to tyrannize the planet, warns RFK Jr.)
While Good Energy was founded in 2019, its influence seems to be growing within the West Coast's film industry – with Rolling Stone magazine publishing a feature on the group. According to the magazine, the group is "dedicated" to ensuring that 50 percent of contemporary TV shows and films acknowledges "climate change" within three years.
One of its "standout" projects was the "Extrapolations" series on Apple TV+, which was directed by Scott Z. Burns and starred Meryl Streep. The show, which was said to be the first mainstream show centered entirely around climate, explored how the planet's "changing climate" will affect family, work, faith and survival.
Good Energy wants to BRAINWASH the public about climate

Good Energy also suggested some tips for writers to normalize "climate-friendly" actions in the playbook. These include characters that "eat a plant rich diet," "attend a [climate] protest" or "upcycle vintage clothes." It also suggested that if stories have a yacht, then these should be powered by solar energy or other renewables.
"Indigenous people are the first climate scientists, and indigenous people are leading us through the climate crisis," said the playbook, touching on wokeism. It added that climate can be a "generative lens with which to view any subject or character" and "the emotional truth is as important as the literal truth."
The playbook also encourages the portrayal of so-called "climate-friendly" lifestyles not as elitist or unattainable, but as within the reach of the average person. But in reality, only the elites can afford such lifestyles.
Chris Morrison, environment editor for the Daily Sceptic, pointed out a prior example of this climate brainwashing. "It is unsurprising that the power of film and TV to influence large audiences is being captured to promote a political message," he said.
"During the 2021 COP26 meeting in Glasgow, seven soap operas … in the United Kingdom – including 'Coronation Street' and 'Eastenders' – joined forces to highlight climate change. Most of the plot lines were clumsily inserted into existing storylines and in an era of declining audiences, the experiment does not appear to have been repeated.
Based on Morrison's account, there's still hope. Many viewers are tired of woke propaganda and climate brainwashing being shoved down their throats.
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Blatant propaganda: Green billionaires are paying scriptwriters to promote CLIMATE ALARMISM in TV shows and movies –