Bombshell – FEMA Camps Confirmed: Nightly News

Infowars Nightly News
January 26, 2012

Tonight on this Thursday, January 26, 2012 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones covers the spread, from the fight against draconian legislation to restrict the Internet, to the proven indoctrination and manipulation of children in public schools, to government corruption, the dying free press in America and more:

FEMA CAMPS EXPOSED: Alex presents newly exposed footage filmed at LAX airport in Los Angeles confirming a ‘rendition hub’ capable of processing thousands of people per hour from straight off the tarmac and other transportation points. Further, Alex dredges up video clips of other facilities used in the past for mass containment of dissenters- from Pier 57 in New York City used to detain those rounded-up during mass arrests at the 2004 Republican National Convention to the former Mueller Airport facility in Austin which news clips exposed had been converted to hold mass arrestees to the Sand Point Naval Station in Seattle used for 1999 WTO protesters. This is, of course, only the tip of the iceberg, yet demonstrates the growing apparatus aimed at American dissenters in the Homeland.

GUEST EXPOSES PUBLIC SCHOOL AGENDA: Filmmaker Colin Gunn joins Alex in-studio to give an inside look at his film IndoctriNation, exposing the nation’s public school system and its attempts to corrupt our youth and ready them for state control, all while undermining traditional Christianity. With an eye on homeschooling as an alternative, Gunn breaks down the moral and ethical degradation posed by the modern school system.

• Meanwhile, with fresh public outrage at the SOPA and PIPA bills restricting the Internet, the Obama Administration now seeks backing for an international treaty signed by the President back in October known as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which hands over even more extreme controls over the online sector.

• For their part, Polish websites went dark to protest their government’s plan to sign the international copyright treaty.

• An annual report released by Reporters Without Borders highlighted the sad decline of the free press in the United States, with emphasis on the arrests of many journalists who covered the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. The U.S. fell 27 points to a rank at #47 for freedom of the press, putting it in league with many third world nations with little regard for America’s first amendment laws & traditions.

• Meanwhile, another ‘training drill’ in Los Angeles gives another pretext for a martial law-like presence of troops in American streets. The LAPD described activities that included black helicopters hovering about downtown bank buildings as a special ops urban warfare drill. The public was not allowed to view the closed exercises, though the military ensured that effort was made to avoid inconvenience for daily routines.

• A rash of cheating on exams has driven some schools to implement a drastic measure– the collection of ‘digital DNA’ from students and the issuance of special ID cards for those taking SAT or ACT college entrance tests.

• Meanwhile, cheats in government skipped out on more than $3.4 billion in taxes, according to a new report from IRS records. Those records show that employees of the federal government (both current and former) as well as military personnel owed a combined $3,420,168,684 in unpaid taxes.

• Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey hopes to stop Pepsi from using aborted fetus cells in soda flavoring research through his proposed legislation. He opposes the use of aborted embryonic cells to create “isolated human taste receptors, and hopes to discourage the research before it becomes common practice. Natural News has this story in more detail, where the controversial harnessing of the elements of life is manipulate our own taste preferences through corporate-driven science– all for the promise of market dominance, not life-saving or enhancing research.

• Also, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard had to be dragged to safety after an angry crowd of Aboriginal protesters surrounded her outside a restaurant. Apparently targeting opposition leader Tony Abbott, they cried ‘shame’ and ‘racist’ on the 40th anniversary of Aboriginal Tent Embassy, fighting for sovereignty and land rights.
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