Border-based Reporter Wonders if TX Rally Imported Non-Residents

By George “El Conservador” Rodriguez, September 15, 2020

The mammoth success of the Laredo, TX Trump Train this past Saturday, Sept. 12, was questioned on Twitter by a Laredo Morning Times reporter who wondered aloud how many of the participants actually lived in Laredo.

Strangely, his skepticism is similar to the ongoing narrative about the rally by
the local Democrats in Laredo. Gee, it’s like they work together.

Does the reporter, Garrett Kroeger, think that the participants were flown in from Dallas or from out-of-state? The mainstream media skepticism is not surprising since they, and the Democrats, still can’t believe or accept Donald Trump’s victory in 2016.

The local news media controls information in various ways that serve their interests. They will question facts and sow doubt, or they will attack and criticize to cause fear. The tweet by Kroeger is ironic. While he questions how many of the Trump Train participants were from Laredo vs. how many were outsiders, he himself is not a Laredo native. As we say in Spanish, “La zorra no se ve la cola.” Translation: The fox never sees its own tail, or a similar sentiment to “the pot calling the kettle black.”

How can the public trust a news media that is not objective and actively seeks to undermine one political side?

The Laredo Trump Train rally was a smashing success, as well as a historical milestone. It was the largest and most visible Republican event in the history of a city located on the Mexican border.

Those that saw it (whether they liked it or not) cannot deny its success and the possible impact it will have on Laredo and the Democrat-dominated south Texas.