Breaking News: Gun Bills Defeated so far... 5 Defeated of 9 So Far!!

Posted by
Darla Dawald, National Director on April 17, 2013 at 5:11pm in Patriot Action Alerts

Currently the following Bills have been defeated in the Senate! Each Bill Must have 60 Yea Votes to pass. These have been defeated!

Defeated 1. Manchin/Toomey amendment #715 (background checks)
Defeated 2. Grassley/Cruz amendment (alternative)
Defeated 3. Leahy amendment #713 (trafficking)
Defeated 4. Cornyn amendment #719 (concealed carry)
Defeated 5. Feinstein amendment #711 (assault weapons ban);

Remaining Votes Today:

6. Burr amendment #720 (veterans);
7. Lautenberg amendment #714 (high capacity clips)

To Be Voted on Thursday:

8. Barrasso amendment #717 (privacy); and
9. Harkin amendment (mental health).

We will update this list so check back.