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British MP called “anti-Semitic” for criticizing COVID vaccines

Monday, February 13, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) Andrew Bridgen, a conservative member of the British parliament, is in hot water after he compared Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” to the Holocaust.
Bridgen’s own party leaders suspended the MP after he stated that the harms caused by COVID injections represent “the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.” Saying this apparently makes Bridgen an “anti-Semite” (Related: Covid vaccines are also anti-sperm).
A “formal investigation” was launched after Bridgen tweeted the statement on January 11. Bridgen has also been dubbed “Parliament’s most vocal critic of the COVID vaccines.”
Prior to his “offensive” tweet, Bridgen gave a speech on December 13 in which he praised “eminent and trusted cardiologist” Dr. Aseem Malhotra whose peer-reviewed research “concluded that there should be a complete cessation of the administration of the COVID mRNA vaccines for everyone because of clear and robust data of significant harms and little ongoing benefit.”
“Interestingly, there has so far not been a single rebuttal of Dr. Malhotra’s findings in the scientific literature, despite their widespread circulation and the fact that they made international news,” Bridgen observed at the time, adding that policymakers in the United Kingdom mainstream media are guilty of “willful blindness” concerning the dangers of COVID injections.
Bridgen has repeatedly called for these entities “to break this conspiracy of silence” surrounding the jabs, which continue to injure and kill the people who took them. In stating this, Bridgen has “made himself a big target for the pro-vaccine zealots who will have been looking for an excuse to punish and cancel him, and who have predictably leaped on the first ‘offensive’ thing they could find,” according to Will Jones of the Daily Sceptic.
Just like “racism,” the term “anti-Semitism” has lost all meaning because of how often and incorrectly it’s used to silence people

A group of Jewish doctors and scientists are speaking out against the witch hunt against Bridgen. They say that the “anti-Semitism” assertion of his critics is illogical and invalid.
They are also defending another part of Bridgen’s now-deleted tweet in which he shared safety monitoring analyses data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) proving the shots to be a deadly scourge on humanity.
Bridgen’s critics, including John Mann, the UK government’s “independent anti-Semitism adviser,” want to see him removed from office. Mann specifically stated that Bridgen’s comparison of COVID jabs to the Holocaust should “[not] be allowed to stand at the next election.”
Former health secretary Matt Hancock also lashed out at Bridgen during a question session in which he accused Bridgen of spreading “disgusting, anti-Semitic, anti-vax conspiracy theories” that are “deeply offensive (and) have no place in this House or in our wider society.”
According to the dictionary, anti-Semitism means being “hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people.” In what parallel universe could Bridgen’s statements comparing deadly COVID jabs to the Holocaust be considered anti-Jewish?
The claim is nonsensical to the core, just like how the term “racist” is commonly misused to vilify people who embrace conservative ideology, as one example. Both terms are losing all meaning because of how excessively and inappropriately they are used as a weapon to silence opposing viewpoints about controversial matters.
Igor Chudov, a blogger who self-identifies as “a Jew,” echoed this sentiment in writing that he “cannot understand how … Mr. Bridgen’s tweet (is) antisemitic.”
“He does not express any dislike of Jews,” Chudov says. “He also states that [COVID] ‘is the biggest crime since Holocaust.'”
“Mr. Bridgen does not even compare the ‘COVID vaccine’ to Holocaust! His comparison does not involve Holocaust at all! ‘Since Holocaust’ means that he is looking at crimes past-Holocaust. Where is the antisemitism, exactly?”
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