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    Charges against left-wing looters, rioters routinely dropped, so why the hysteria ove

    Charges against left-wing looters and rioters are routinely dropped, so why all the hysteria over the Capitol “siege”?

    Thursday, January 14, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

    (Natural News) Listening to liberals post-Jan. 6, one is left with the impression that Democrats are law and order loyalists who reject all forms of protest and unruliness. Before the false flag “siege” at the United States Capitol, however, these same leftists were all about posting bail for rioters and advancing “criminal justice reform” for looters because at that time it was primarily leftists creating all the ruckuses.
    Consider the fact that in nearly every case pre-Jan. 6 where rioters and looters were caught and charged for committing crimes, those charges were eventually dropped. District attorneys funded by the likes of George Soros would simply put the cases to rest while feeding the narrative that “systemic racism” is responsible for leftist violence.
    Fast-forward to Jan. 7 and beyond, however, and nearly everyone advocating for the “right” to destroy things without consequence is suddenly a puritan. Gaining entry into a government building to snap a few photos and remind Congress who they work for is suddenly a form of “domestic terrorism,” according to the left, which is throwing around words like “sedition” and “treason” to describe the spectacle that day.
    Besides the fact that the stunt was spearheaded by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa agitators posing as Trump supporters, very little was damaged inside the Capitol and there was no violence, save for the Air Force veteran who was shot in the neck and killed by law enforcement.
    You might say that the Capitol “siege” was a mostly peaceful event that, based on traditional liberal rhetoric, is entirely excusable because those doing the protesting had a legitimate reason to be there. The 2020 election was stolen, after all, so are we not supposed to take a stand for justice?
    Not in this case, it turns out. Because those who engaged in the protest were dubbed as Trump supporters, they no longer have any rights and must now be doxed, harassed, threatened and blacklisted. Had they been Biden supporters, however, the mainstream media would have praised them as “brave warriors” exercising their First Amendment rights.
    Despite always getting let off the hook, leftists never shut up about “injustice”

    This double standard has never been more obvious than it is post-Jan. 6. It is not clear that there are two sets of rules for how to deal with protests. If right-wingers are protesting, it is dangerous “terrorism” that must be nipped in the bud. If left-wingers are protesting, it is an act of virtue in the pursuit of freedom and justice for all – just so long as “all” excludes people with light skin.
    If you are interested, the Washington Times compiled a detailed list of the many times in which left-wing “protesters” – meaning rioters and looters – were let of the hook in the name of “social justice.” Compare what happened in each of those cases to what is now happening in response to the Capitol “siege.”
    It will become immediately clear that the left is never held responsible for actual felony crimes, while mostly peaceful conservatives are vilified every single time they make their faces shown in public as a form of protest against actual injustices.
    “Occasional police abuse pales in relation to the release and forgiveness of hundreds of people arrested for stealing and torching property, all in the name of pseudo-protest for a cause they couldn’t care less about,” wrote one Times commenter.
    “What the left has done is create an amnesty, a holiday, for mindless destruction, murder, and violent behavior. This is reminiscent of ‘The Purge’ film series.”
    For more related news, be sure to check out
    Sources for this article include:

    Charges against left-wing looters and rioters are routinely dropped, so why all the hysteria over the Capitol “siege”? –

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