April 6, 2013 by Tim Brown

Charles Krauthammer ’s Obama Comment Shocks Fox Panel Into Silence


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer brought momentarily silence, and not the kind that is out of respect, to a Fox News panel on “Special Report” after National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg said that Obama will not get a vote on the majority of new gun control legislation that he wants. “All he wants now is the money,” Krauthammer responded.


Several seconds of silence followed Krauthammer’s, “all he wants now is the money” comment. It was as if everyone at the table had been caught off guard, including host Chris Wallace.

Wallace finally recovered stating, “You don’t really mean that.”

“He’s lost on gun control,” Krauthammer responded.

When opposed by stating that he would get expanded background checks, Krauthammer indicated that it is “not going to make any difference.” He also went on to state that background checks were the “last item standing, the smallest item standing.” He said it’s the only one that Obama could possibly get, which I point out would be a huge blow to gun owners and the Second Amendment. Remember, Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association openly oppose expansion of background checks. However, as I wrote about here, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin and the NRA have been engaged in private talks on a proposal to broaden background checks on purchasers of firearms.

Expansion of background checks would be a significant victory for Obama. Don’t let anyone mislead you. Since they have put out all the bans and hoopla over them, they will be more than happy to take a step forward to infringe upon the Second Amendment with the expansion of background checks.

“Knowing all that,” Krauthammer continues, “he is out there now exploring it as an issue. He is not going to get the solution he wanted, so he’ll make an issue. And that’s the way he operates. He does it on immigration. He does it on a lot of stuff. If you can’t win on a solution or get your way, you turn it into cash.”

“He is excellent at turning stuff into cash,” he concluded.

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