CIA officer confirms it has “advisors” in Ukraine – “a well-known secret”

04/12/2024 // Ethan Huff // 2.4K Views

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Another undercover video has dropped to show prolific corruption within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).Gavin O'Blennis, a contracting officer at the CIA, spilled the beans to what he apparently thought was a simple date. What he did not realize was that it was an undercover journalist he was speaking to who was probing for information about important matters such as U.S. corruption in Ukraine.
O'Blennis told the undercover reporter that the CIA does, in fact, have secret "advisors" in Ukraine, this being "a well-known secret" within the deep state agency. These advisors, O'Blennis further revealed, operate "under State Department cover."
The video footage, which was captured on March 28, 2024, also shows O'Blennis discussing the border crisis with illegal migrants. According to O'Blennis, "they're not going to qualify," referring to asylum seekers.
"Do it enough times, you get a sympathetic ear," O'Blennis continued about how illegals are being let in anyway.

Video Sound Investigations on X: "BREAKING: CIA Officer CONFIRMS CIA “Advisors” in Ukraine “A Well-Known Secret” “Under State Department Cover” Border Asylum Process: Most Know “They’re Not Going to Qualify…Do It Enough Times, You Get a Sympathetic Ear” Says CIA Could Benefit From TikTok Breakup: “That’s Why…" / X (

(Related: O'Blennis also revealed that the CIA "can put anyone in jail" by "setting 'em up," this revelation prompting Alex Jones to announce a lawsuit against the three-letter agency.)
Banning TikTok benefits CIA

Concerning the social media platform TikTok, O'Blennis further revealed that one of the reasons why Congress, and especially Republicans, are trying to ban it from the U.S. is because it is a threat to the CIA's criminal racket.
"That's why they're passing the law now to make 'em do it," O'Blennis said about congressional efforts to outlaw TikTok, a platform that unlike many of its competitors allows for the quick and easy spread of information that would otherwise be censored on the other platforms for "misinformation."
O'Blennis is also familiar with the inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which he says routinely seizes money from foreigners just because."
The FBI regularly targets people "we don't like," O'Blennis revealed, or for "no reason" just "because we could."
The New York Times actually ran a story about CIA corruption in Ukraine, spilling the beans as well about how the CIA is secretly helping Ukraine in its fight against Russia.
"The U.S. government is the largest, most evil criminal organization on earth," one person on X wrote in response to O'Blennis' revelations. "How do you even fix a system this out-of-this-world corrupt?"
"Three letter agencies are more corrupt than most people would believe," wrote another. "It's time to wake up."
Another shared the following video exposing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) propaganda at the FBI:

Video Entertain Me HQ on X: "DEI in FBI?" / X (

Another shared the following political cartoon showing that, for all intents and purposes, there is a hidden fourth branch of the U.S. government run by the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA):

Entertain Me HQ on X: "DEI in FBI?" / X (

Then, there is this little gem depicting the true nature of American politics:

The Reality Che-Q *Mic Drop*™

"The True Divide"

12:37 PM · Apr 11, 2024

"Our government is truly evil," said someone else.
"And we wonder why so many despise us as a country," another added. "We're the shadiest government in the world. Man, we need massive changes in D.C. You can add the Justice Department as well to the list of corrupt agencies."
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CIA officer confirms it has “advisors” in Ukraine – “a well-known secret” –