Climate Change Alarmists Can’t Explain Asian Glaciers

Global Warming scientists are struggling to explain why glaciers on the Asian continent are getting thicker in recent years. They fear that this may derail their efforts to receive government subsidies from Asian countries to conduct further research on climate change.
According to the BBC News, “some glaciers on Asia’s Karakoram Mountains are defying the global trend and getting thicker, say researchers. A French team used satellite data to show that glaciers in part of the Karakoram Range, to the west of the Himalayan region, are putting on mass.”

The reason remains unclear since glaciers and other parts of the Himalayas are losing mass that is also a global trend. The glaciers of the reason are poorly studied, but provide an essential water source for more than a billion people.

As reported by the BBC, “the response of Himalayan glaciers to global warming has been a hot topic ever since the 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which contained the erroneous claim that ice from most of the region could disappear by 2035.”

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