Climate change data is based on FRAUD, and scientists around the world are pushing back against the narrative

03/12/2024 // Lance D Johnson // 1.2K Views

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In an attempt to save the world from “climate change,” the United States government is spending trillions of dollars on multiple projects that rely on dishonest marketing tactics, money laundering schemes, insider trading and crony capitalism. At the root of the climate crisis hysteria is data FRAUD, and scientists around the world are pushing back against the climate change narrative.
Scientists detect flaws in the collection of global temperature data

Governments around the world are combating a fictional problem that is blown completely out of proportion when compared to actual issues that people face. To make matters worse, the Biden regime adheres to dogma and relies on its most recent National Climate Assessment report to argue that human activities are accelerating global warming. The policies coming out of D.C seek to restrict, control or modulate human activities at scale to save the planet from temperatures changes that are out of our control anyway.
The National Climate Assessment report (based on a biased agenda and fueled by multinational business interests) uses data fraud to drive climate change hysteria. The report states that man-made emissions of "greenhouse gases" like carbon dioxide are causing the Earth to become dangerously hot. The U.S. EPA and the UN Intergovernmental Panel (IPCC) share this view, and their leaders are pushing for major global policy changes to combat it. But scientists from all over the world in a range of disciplines are fighting back. These scientists point to peer reviewed studies that show flaws in the global temperature data. Some of the issues with temperature data include the lack of geographic and historical data, heat from urban areas contaminating the records and the corruption of the data due to a process known as "homogenization."
According to three independent scientists with the Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences, (CERES) these data flaws are so severe that they render the temperature data — and the models that rely on it — useless. When data corruption is considered, the alleged "climate crisis" disappears. Alex Newman from the Epoch Times covers this corruption in great detail. Man-made activities are not to blame for these temperature changes. Policies that seek to control human activity are totalitarian in nature and based on fraud and hysteria.
“Climate activism has become the new religion of the 21st century — heretics are not welcome and not allowed to ask questions,” said CERES founder and astrophysicist Willie Soon. “But good science demands that scientists are encouraged to question the IPCC’s dogma. The supposed purity of the global temperature record is one of the most sacred dogmas of the IPCC.”
Today’s urban areas are used to skew historic temperature data

CERES presents the case that natural climate variability explains what is being observed. “When people ask about global warming or climate change, it is essential to ask, ‘Since when?’ The data shows that it has warmed since the 1970s, but that this followed a period of cooling from the 1940s,” he said.
When the temperature data of today is compared to the 19th century, the world seems to have warmed drastically; however, when put in perspective, the 19th century “was exceptionally cold” and was historically a mini-ice age. Because of this, the temperatures of the 21st century could be considered normal, and the higher CO2 levels could be considered more conducive for plant regeneration and agriculture.
Furthermore, the data that has historically been gathered from rural temperature stations, ocean measurements, weather balloons, satellite measurements, tree rings, glaciers and lake sediments, “show that the climate has always changed,” Mr. Soon said. He said the climate outside of the cities is not unusual. It’s the heat from the urban areas that is skewing the data, and these are the temperature sources that are extrapolated to make the case that the whole world is burning up. But that’s just not the case.
“If we exclude the urban temperature data that only represents 3 percent of the planet, then we get a very different picture of the climate,” Mr. Soon said.
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Climate change data is based on FRAUD, and scientists around the world are pushing back against the narrative –