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    College Not Necessary for Many New Careers

    This is what happens when the politicians and corporations are in bed with each other. No protections for the american workers!

    College Not Necessary for Many New Careers
    January 2, 2007 by Phyllis Schlafly

    U.S. News & World Report, which has made a name for itself by ranking and announcing the Best Colleges every year, is now ranking and listing the Best Careers for young people. A comparison of the latest lists shows a shocking disconnect and makes for dispiriting holiday reading.
    While the price of a college education has skyrocketed far faster than inflation, many careers for which colleges prepare their graduates are disappearing. U.S. News' Best Careers guide concludes that "college grads might want to consider blue-collar careers" because B.A. diploma holders "are having trouble finding jobs that require college-graduate skills."

    Incredibly, U.S. News is telling college graduates to look for jobs that do not require a college diploma. Among the 31 best opportunities for 2008 are the careers of firefighter, hairstylist, cosmetologist, locksmith, and security system technician.

    Where did the higher-skill jobs go? Both large and small companies are "quietly increasing offshoring efforts."

    Ten years ago we were told we really didn't need manufacturing because it can be done more cheaply elsewhere, that auto workers and others should move to Information Age jobs. But now the information jobs are moving offshore, too, as well as marketing research and even many varieties of innovation.

    The flight overseas includes professional as well as low-wage jobs, with engineering jobs offshored to India and China. Thousands of bright Asian engineers are willing to work for a fraction of American wages, which is why Boeing just signed a 10-year, $1-billion-a-year deal with an Indian government-run company.

    Society has been telling high school students that college is the ticket to get a life, and politicians are pandering to parents' desire for their children to be better educated and so have a higher standard of living. John Edwards wants the taxpayers to guarantee every kid a college education, and Mitt Romney says more education is the means for Americans to compete in a global economy.

    But it doesn't make sense for parents to mortgage their homes, or for students to saddle themselves with long-term debt, in order to pay overpriced college tuition to prepare for jobs that no longer exist. Tuition at public universities has risen an unprecedented 51 percent over the past five years.

    President Bush calls the loss of U.S. jobs "the pinch some of you folks are feeling." I guess his words are designed to show his "compassionate conservatism," but the reality is far more than a pinch.

    U.S. News offers this advice for the nerds who still spend five to six years earning an engineering degree despite increasingly grim prospects of a well-paid engineering career: "Look for government work." Or maybe you can be an "Offshoring Manager" and be part of the process of shipping your fellow graduates' jobs overseas.

    A Duke University spokesman said that 40 percent of Duke's engineering graduates cannot get engineering jobs. A Duke University publication suggests that the best prospect for good engineering jobs is for the U.S. government to start another major project like going to the moon.

    U.S. News warns us that "government is becoming an employer of choice." Corporations are getting leaner, but government can continue to pay good salaries, with lots of vacation days, sick leave, health insurance and retirement benefits, because government rakes in more tax revenue in good times and can raise taxes in bad times; and if the Democrats win in 2008, we can expect government to expand even more.

    Presidential candidates have gotten the message from grassroots Americans that we want our borders closed to illegal aliens. Headlines now proclaim "Immigration Moves to Front and Center of G.O.P. Race" and "G.O.P. Candidates Hold Fast on Immigration at Debate."

    But G.O.P. candidates haven't yet gotten the message that jobs are just as big a gut issue as immigration. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey conducted December 14-17 reports that, by 58 to 28 percent, Americans believe globalization is bad because it subjects U.S. companies and employees to unfair competition and cheap labor.

    Where are the limited-government fiscal-conservatives when we need them to refute the notion that the best an engineering graduate can hope for is a job with the government? Are the fiscal-conservatives too busy chanting the failed mantra of "free trade" even though it has resulted in millions of good American jobs being shipped overseas?

    When are we going to call a halt to the way globalism is destroying U.S. jobs by foreign currency manipulation, theft of our intellectual property, shipping us poisonous seafood and toys, and unfair trade agreements that allow foreign subsidies (through the so-called Value Added Tax) to massively discriminate against U.S. producers and workers?

    Read this column online.
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    The dollar-rupee exchange rate and different relative standards of living made possible the massive bleed of IT and engineering jobs over the last decade. It's reversing a little because the rupee rose around 12% against the dollar, plus their salaries skyrocketed, but we are not out of the woods yet. Like manufacturing, even if all the jobs came back tomorrow, in the intervening years we have lost capacity by mothballing local operations and putting our native talent out by the curb on trash day.
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    Actually it is simply greed that has caused the problem, global elitist want 100%+ profit to get it they will sell out this country. We outsource, ship manufacturing plants to the third world, we import poor under educated slave labor, high percentage of our youth drop out of school, trade deficits with China are staggering. The young people of America need to wake up or their future is bleak, working at a burger joint until retirement would be a sad life.

    I'm concerned we have progressed so far that protest, boycotting and work strikes may be the only answer, from this point on a true leader would be impossible to elect due to corporate influence on our government. We have allowed this to happen because we listened to lies, our public schools have been part of the fault in not teaching history and preaching diversity,certainly we are on a path to disaster and it will take sacrifice to turn it around.
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    it will take sacrifice to turn it around.

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    Oldguy is right on, but we could do it.

    If Americans would work together it could happen.

    Americans are going to have to be re-educated also. So many, even us who know better, have been content or at least accepting of cheap, shoddy merchandise we are getting. This robs Americans of their hard earned dollars.

    They can talk about the cheap goods and how it has raised the standard of living, etc., but it has done everything but. It has simply made Americans shoppers. So much time is spent shopping because clothing, household goods, etc., must be replaced constantly. A garment that as once good enough to hand down to siblings, other relatives and friends for years and years, is now maybe good long enough for handing down to one sibling, then it is just a rag, the quality is so poor.

    We were very poor people, but my Mother would never have spent a dime on clothing as cheap and shoddy as what is put out there for people today.

    I have a hand mixer made in the 50's, a old stand mixer made in the 50's, electric knife made in the 60's, vacuum cleaner from the 70's and all are working fine. I know a young housewife, been married 15 years, and I am not exagerating when I say she has purchased 10 vacuum cleaners in that length of time. Not the real expensive, but not cheap ones either. Each one cost as much as my Kirby cost me in the 70's.

    If only some enterprising American with money, who cared about America, would start a business help others get started - making quality merchanidse and Americans could get geared to living rather than shopping, we could turn this around.

    It's a dream anyway.
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    u hit the nail

    u hit the nail nntrixie..

    US $ should lose 50% of itz value. Back to how it was in the 70s. We did not have outsourcing, offshoring of jobs in 70s.

    the destruction of american jobs started when $$ started to climnb against world currencies.

    cheaper $$ = more american jobs = more american products.

    there are a lot of fakes in this forum that rant about lost jobs and then drive around in toyotas and hondas.

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    firefighter, hairstylist, cosmetologist, locksmith, and security system technician.
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