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Richard Byrd
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The Confederate Battle Flag was designed to organize and rally troops, white men and black men fought side by side defending their homes from an invader. That was not the case in the segregated Union Army .
When I fly a Confederate Battle Flag it is out of respect for those men. I had a grand father killed, another one wounded , uncles and cousins died in battle and prison camps with inhumane conditions. They are the last soldiers that fought for my freedom, and defended land I live on today. Near my land live the descendants of the black men that fought along side of my ancestors. Our families have farmed, fished, and hunted together ever since, a black baby boy who is now one of my buddies was named after my great grand daddy out of gratitude for helping to get the doctor when he his mother went into labor. His Grand Mother I consider my own.
I've never understood racism because of where , and how I was raised . My history and heritage contradicts the modern perception people have due to white washed yankee devised history : The South fought for slavery, the north fought to end it, and had the South won, there would still be slavery. The notion that the average Confederate waged war to preserve slavery is a tenuous one at best. Only 6 percent of Southerners owned slaves, and 3 percent of those owned the majority. Reasons for risking life and limb varied, but they usually came down to four fundamentals: uphold state sovereignty, regional duty, group solidarity and protection of home and family.
Slavery would have ended either way , it is disingenuous to say other wise. The difference perhaps would have been it ending peacefully like all over the western hemisphere, strengthening our relationship. A lot of slaves were fortunate to work for certain families and some were not. Some continued to live on the farm on parcels of land granted by their former owners, and nanny's continue to be nanny's raising white and black children. Mostly those slaves were not treated like slaves on large plantations, they would be the large corporations of today that are enslaving humanity. It isn't logical for a man that can barely afford a slave to mistreat him if feeding his family depended on it, like a farmer today would not drive their tractor without oil. A lot of slaves feared freedom because all they knew was enslavement. Like people today that depend on government to be their master they can't imagine providing for their own. Saying every slave wanted to be free is like saying every southerner wanted them enslaved, it is delusional . What can be as immoral as enslavement is immediate freedom, they were cast out on their own into society and suffered miserably. Reconstruction brought on the KKK to defend southerners white and black against the atrocities that were being committed by the Union troops and Yankee carpetbaggers. Later to turn into the hate group we know today. The Confederate Battle Flag is not the KKKs flag , it is the Confederate Soldiers Flag which was represented by white, black, Hispanic, and Natives. The KKK requires two flags at meetings, the American flag and the Christian flag. The American flag protected Slave Ships. The American flag caused the genocide of natives. The American flag has caused the displacement of millions and disrupted governments and murder of millions for corporate greed. It didn't free anyone it enslaved everyone.
I now fly the battle flag in defiance of our corrupt government, our biggest problem. Its not my problem if it offends anyone , clearly they're being hypocrites.

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