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Coroner Confirms COVID-19 Vaccine Killed 26-Year-Old Man from New Zealand

By Jim Hoft
Published September 22, 2022 at 11:00am

Rory Nairn and Ashleigh Wilson (Source: Stuff)

Rory Nairn, 26, a resident of Dunedin, New Zealand, died suddenly on November 17. This was just 12 days after he had received his first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.
According to reports, Rory died in the house he shared with his fiancee, Ashleigh Wilson. He was found by Ashleigh in the bathroom of their Dunedin home at around 4 am.

Since getting his shot on November 5, Rory had been experiencing myocarditis-like symptoms for about two weeks.
His death led to a coroner’s inquest that was conducted by Coroner Sue Johnson “not to determine civil, criminal or disciplinary liability but to establish when and where Rory died and the cause and circumstances around his death.”

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1News reported:
The inquest lasted three days in the High Court at Dunedin and heard from witnesses including Nairn’s fiancé Ashleigh Wilson, the person who vaccinated him, Medsafe and Te Whatu Ora Southern.

The inquiry was a fact-finding exercise to consider whether the coroner needs to make specified recommendations which may reduce the chances of further deaths in similar circumstances from happening again.
Johnson today released her findings into the cause of Nairn’s death in which she states “I am satisfied from the written evidence I have received, and the oral evidence heard at inquest that I have sufficient evidence to now establish the following: A. Where Rory died; B. When Rory died; C. The cause of Rory’s death”.
After hearing evidence from pathologist Dr Noelyn Hung, Johnson said she is satisfied that the Covid-19 vaccine caused the myocarditis from which Nairn died.
In Nairn’s post-mortem examination, Hung saw mild atherosclerosis of the aorta and a slight bulge in the small intestine.
In her expert opinion, neither of these were related to Nairn’s death.

Samples were also taken, which confirmed caffeine and cotinine (a metabolite of nicotine) were in his blood.
No alcohol, cannabis, synthetic cannabis or any other drugs were detected.
Inspection of the heart muscle and outer lining of the heart showed myocarditis and pericarditis.
Hung then carried out an intensive pathological examination of the heart.

She stated that the cause of the myocarditis came down to a diagnosis by exclusion.
There is no current test that will show the Covid-19 vaccine in the heart tissue, but Hung was able to exclude other causes of myocarditis such as rheumatic fever or by infection as there was no sign of bacteria, virus or fungi.
Hung also excluded all other known potential causes including certain medicines such as the anti-psychotic medications clozapine and risperidone.
She microscopically examined tissue samples from other parts of his body including his lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys.

There was no sign of any infection or any other reason for Nairn’s death except in the myocardium (the middle muscular layer of the heart).
Johnson accepted Hung’s medical opinion that the direct cause of Nairn’s death was acute myocarditis – consistent with vaccine-related myocarditis.

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