Corporate media declares war on TREES as latest insane chapter of climate propaganda

09/07/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.2K Views

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Oftentimes when some crazy scheme comes out of the climate change cult, i.e., the push for artificial "sun-blocking," the mass media remains silent about it until many years later. In the case of Bill Gates' plan to destroy 70 million acres' worth of trees across the Western United States, it seems the corporate media is really excited about the prospect.
In fact, "The Cool Down" writer Erin Feiger, in a piece that was published at MSN, claims that Gates is right: trees are "hurting us" and must be chopped down and buried if Earth stands any chance at surviving.
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Feiger argues, as does Gates, that "new data" shows that while forests function as "carbon sinks" to help reduce air pollution and "cool" the planet, they also somehow release carbon "emissions" that are "warming" Earth and making it uninhabitable.
Citing claims from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Feiger claims that after the year 2025, forests will, for some reason, switch from being carbon sinks to carbon "polluters," and will become "a significant source of carbon emissions by 2070."
Trees are starting to "turn on us," climate cultists claim

Since the beginning of time, trees and other plants have been intaking, or breathing in, the carbon dioxide that humans and animals breathe out. They then create and release oxygen, which humans and animals breathe in for life.
It is a perfect life cycle that must never be disrupted, and yet the climate cultists suddenly feel as though trees are scary and "might start turning on us" – these are Feiger's words, quoting a report from Scientific American.

The claim is that forests are losing their ability to absorb carbon, a myth being pushed by Lynn Riley, a senior manager of climate science at the American Forest Foundation.
Riley blames natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes for this imaginary shift, also claiming that there are more natural disasters these days because of global warming – this is also false and completely unsubstantiated.
Who needs actual proof when you are pushing an agenda, though? The climate cultists never present proof or data, but instead rely on fearmongering and other manipulative tactics to try to emotionally sway the public into buying what they are selling.
"Ten percent of our domestic emissions," Riley declared about the amount of carbon "pollution" currently being absorbed by U.S. forests. "That is a really significant portion."
"As we work to decarbonize ... forests are one of the greatest tools at our disposal. If we were to lose that, it means the U.S. will contribute that much more."
One might assume, based on this statement, that Riley supports keeping trees and forests intact, but it is a verbal sleight of hand. You see, trees and forests are good for the planet – unless they suddenly stop being good, which is what Gates and other climate cultists now claim.
A far-left climate fanatics group called Climate Patrol claims that while forests do capture pollution and remove it, they stop doing this whenever they are cut or burned. And with "climate change" driving more wildfires, or so we are told, this poses a problem that only Gates and his ilk can fix.
The USDA insists that forests today are somehow emitting up to 100 million metric tons of carbon every year, which we are told is "contributing to the overheating of our planet rather than reducing it."
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Corporate media declares war on TREES as latest insane chapter of climate propaganda –