Interesting email that I received.

I was watching the news tonight about the crime wave going on. Although it would appear that law enforcement is much like America's National Interests, under attack everywhere. So the domestic crime wave appears to be criminal elements taking advantage and "getting even" while settling old scores in a bid to consolidate their hold on their respective territories.

Not to be Machiavellian here but you don't suppose this could be part of a carefully orchestrated plan by liberals to attack the national law and order infrastructure and then use the resulting crime wave as a pretext to bypass the second amendment and initiate gun control?

Hitler did much the same after being elected Chancellor in January 1933. Within seven months the Nazis had instituted martial law, including gun control, for a period of not to exceed four years to handle the growing threat of such criminal elements as Jews, Communists, and others.

As I recall, when the Nazis overran Norway the first thing they did was show up at the respective police stations and use the registered gun ownership lists to arrest and execute all gun owners.

We all know how that period in world history turned out.....

Remember the liberal mantra, "Never let a crisis go to waste." Even a manufactured one.

Just a thought.